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Petco Foundation Testimonials from our Partners

We are excited to support 8,000 amazing partners who labor day in and day out to support our mission of the Four Rs. While they send their thank you letters to us (below), the thanks really goes to all of you who donate and gift us with the cumulative millions of dollars that we are able to grant to our partners every year.

We were able to grant millions of dollars to our partners last year. You enabled this! Outside of the grants we give, donations from the fundraisers in your local Petco stores are given back to each store's selected charitable partners and we are additionally able to set aside money and product to help out during emergencies and disasters.

Read the below testimonials and pat yourself on the back for being a part of the miracles that these people are working.


First of all, on behalf of everyone at the Goodwill Assistance Dog Academy (GADA) in Chattanooga, TN, thank you for your amazing support of assistance animals! It is truly an honor to partner with the Petco Foundation in enhancing the lives of people with disabilities through animal therapy and service dogs!

Secondly, I wanted to update you on how GADA is using your very generous gift! Your support has made it possible for us to complete the training of three very special assistance dogs named Danny, Murphy, and Topper. They are two-year-old, male Golden Retrievers, who through your support, recently passed the certification tests to be matched with people with disabilities.

Our local Channel 9 station ran a very nice feature about one of these teams (Mason and Danny Plott).

Goodwill Service Dog Murphy has been matched with Bliss Welch, a former Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee, who lives in Harrison, TN and has a very rare form of Muscular Dystrophy. Goodwill Service Dog Topper has been matched with Rich Burns of Cleveland, TN. Bliss works full-time at a marina and also attends college and needs a service dog to help her navigate these environments. Rich was in a boating accident in 2007 and suffered a spinal cord injury (quadriplegia), and he uses an electric wheelchair, which he controls using his mouth. Rich also attends college and hopes to start his own financial planning business. Topper is able to open and close doors, turn lights on and off, retrieve needed items, and even touches Rich to stop muscle tremors.

Thank you again for your incredible support! It is wonderful to partner with the Petco Foundation in making lives more independent for people with disabilities!

Partner: Goodwill Assistance Dog Academy


Tulip is my beautiful dog who was funded by the Magic Bullet Fund. I want to thank you and the Petco Foundation from the bottom of my heart for your very generous and very kind donation towards my dog campaign. God Bless You.

My dog Tulip had a Mast Cell Tumor on her neck and she needed surgery to remove her tumor but the surgery was very expensive and I could not afford it. I was devasted because I love my dog with all of my heart. I heard of the Magic Bullet Fund and applied for help. They accepted my dog to the fund and started a campaign to help with part of the surgery cost.

Tulip had her surgery on April 11th, 2014. The surgery went very well and the surgeons were able to remove the whole tumor and we got some really good news about Tulips Biopsy results. Her cancer tumor was very low risk, and she is now cancer free! No need for Chemotherapy or a second surgery. Thank God, the Petco Foundation and the Magic Bullet Fund for that.

Tulip is 5 and a half years old. She was given to me as a puppy on Christmas day. I call her my Christmas Miracle because she has been a huge Blessing in my life. She is so sweet, so kind and so very smart. She loves everyone.

Partner: Magic Bullet Fund


I am writing to say thank you. My dog Daisy Mae was accepted into the Magic Bullet Fund today and I'm not sure I can ever properly express how much your contribution means to us. I understand that everyone sees their pets as special, but I would like to share with you just how special Daisy really is in the hopes that you will understand that your generosity helps more than just Daisy and our family.

Daisy Mae is a rescue. We adopted her on my birthday in Nov. 2007 from the Escondido Humane Society. I was active duty Navy at the time. She was just over a year old at that time. Mae Mae (one of her nicknames) had this knack for knowing when someone was hurting- whether it was physical pain or emotional turmoil. It took some time for us to notice, but eventually we saw she had a calling. The pivotal moment for us, was with a friend (a disabled veteran) who visited our home regularly. He suffered severe trauma to his spine and would often be forced to lay on the floor and wait for the pain to pass. Daisy always laid with her back to his and would not move until she felt that he was ok. Other friends often remarked how Daisy always knew that they were sad and how she would quietly sit with them and when she left, felt a remarkable difference.

I began researching therapy dogs and Daisy and I became a licensed therapy dog team through Therapy Dogs International. When I was stationed in Washington, DC, we were regular volunteers with the Loch Raven VA facility (a convalescent and hospice facility). Her patients adored her. She always knew just what they needed. She had one patient who just loved to sit next to her- not speaking. One patient always invited her on to his bed (even as big as she is) and laid on her belly. And it wasn't just patients. The mother of one of our daughter's friends came over to drop off her daughter and Daisy sat on her feet and would not move. (This is her signal that something is wrong and I need to figure out what) So I asked this perfect stranger, if she was ok, because my dog seemed to think she was hurting. She burst into tears and ended up sitting on the floor for two hours pouring out her heart while petting Daisy. From that moment on, she would stop by to see Daisy.

Recently, my favorite Aunt lay in a hospital dying. I raced from San Diego to Phoenix with Daisy and my Aunt's last conscious moments were petting Daisy. During the next 48 hours Daisy stayed on duty constantly. Whether we were in my Aunt's hospital room or had stepped out so someone else could visit privately, Daisy provided furry hugs and unconditional love to anyone who approached her.

When my Aunt died, Daisy was at the foot of the bed crying with the rest of us. During her funeral Daisy became so agitated, I was afraid we would be asked to leave. You see, she felt all the pain in the room and was desperate to comfort each person. Afterwards, most of the attendees took a moment to give and receive comfort from Daisy.

From a very personal standpoint, I suffer from PTSD and Daisy never leaves my side when I am having a "moment". In our family, we call her the love machine. Daisy takes hurt into her body and returns it to you as love. When we learned that Daisy had Lymphoma, I couldn't breathe. I became terrified that all the hurt she took from others had caused the cancer. My husband and I decided that for every single life that Daisy has healed, we had to do whatever we could to heal her.

With the help of the Magic Bullet Fund, we can continue fighting for Daisy's life as she has fought for so many. Thank you so very much. Without your generosity I don't know what we would have done. Someday, we will be in a position to pay it forward and we will. Thank you.

Partner: Magic Bullet Fund


Your support in 2013 made it possible for Austin Pets Alive! to eliminate the needless killing of companion animals in Central Texas, keeping Austin the largest No-Kill city in the nation. On behalf of Austin Pets Alive! and the thousands of dogs and cats we save each year, thank you for your generous donations which totaled $12,038.59 in 2013.

Because of your thoughtful donations, we were able to launch a Canine Good Citizen training program, reach more than a 90% save rate in our bottle baby nursery, and provide urgent medical care to severely injured pets we've rescued from the euthanasia list. With your help, we placed 5,891 dogs and cats into loving forever homes.

Partner: Austin Pets Alive!


"Powerful" is how I describe the grant awarded to Canines for Service! The Petco Foundation grant for Canines for Veterans makes it possible for us to change the lives of people, like Chris. Having bravely served our country and experience mobility limitations, traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress because of injuries he sustained, Chris will walk a little further with the aid of his service dog Samaria. A miracle on four paws, service dog Samaria, was rescued from a shelter in South Carolina after being found on the streets wondering as an 8 month old pup. Now that's Powerful!

The grant in the amount of $10,687.97 for the Canines for Veterans program will help make a difference not only for Veterans like Chris, but also for the dogs we rescue and the prisoners we train with new job skills. Thank you for partnering with us to help give the gift of independence.

Our work is not done. There are more Veterans waiting for their service dog with requests being received weekly. In 2014 we are looking forward to growing.

Thank you for partnering in our mission to serve Veterans.

Partner: Canines for Service


All of us here at HVARS are ecstatic over the receipt of this grant. You have no idea how much the T/N/R program means to the people in our community. The last time that we were awarded a grant, we had a waiting list of people that needed help with feral colonies. As a matter of fact, while we were hosting an adoption event over the weekend (at Petco in Poughkeepsie) we were told of two new colonies. I can't wait to get in touch with the trappers in our area. I'm sure they will be just as happy as we are about this grant.

Partner: Hudson Valley Animal Rescue and Sanctuary


Oh my gosh! You would not believe how excited all of us Friends are about getting this grant! We are just over the moon about being able to do so many surgeries with this money. Please accept our sincere thanks and extent our gratitude to all the members of the Petco Foundation who were willing to give us a chance. We are going to do good things with this grant. Promise!

Many thanks again to the Foundation for giving us this opportunity.

Partner: Friends of Horseshoe Bend Animals


How do I put into words what I feel in my heart for your generous gift to the Magic Bullet Fund, which is helping me to help my girl Sadie. She is not "Just a Dog" to me. I love and respect her for the simplicity of who she is and the complexity of what she gives others and myself on a daily basis. And she never wants much in return other than a hug, belly rub, food and perhaps a nice car ride.

She first came to me as a foster dog, even though in my heart, I knew I was going to adopt her. She became a sister to Lucky, my first greyhound. A year later, I fostered another small, fawn colored Greyhound named Kelly and of course I kept her. So then there were three. It was a nice number and I was very content even though every time there was a call for foster families, I so wanted to help out but didn't because I couldn't afford it. Little did I know what was to come.

Last year, my first Greyhound Lucky was diagnosed with bone cancer. The treatments really set me back even though I had some assistance from another wonderful group. Unfortunately, the cancer proved to be too much for my big guy and I had to let him go on May 28th 2013. Two months and one day after Lucky's passing, Sadie was diagnosed with this same monster.

It's sad to say but I knew all too well what needed to be done but the money wasn't and isn't there. Thank God for the Magic Bullet Fund and Petco Foundation for your grant and fund raising opportunities. At times my head is spinning with information related to this disease, appointments, articles and emails regarding Sadie's treatment but she is worth it. Each day I get to spend with her and my other sweet girl, Kelly is a special day and I have you and Magic Bullet Fund to thank for that.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the tip of Sadie's and Kelly's tails. We couldn't do it without you!

Partner: The Magic Bullet Fund


Thank you so much for helping us out with our Petpoolooza event here in Manhattan, KS on August 11th, 2013. Thanks to your continue support and dedication we were able to raise close to $7,000 in cash and gifts in kind for our animals. In addition, my latest statistics show that the number of cats placed rose from 48% to 73% from last year. This is great news, and our local Petco Store's help with the monthly adoption events surely does make a difference.

Partner: T. Russell Reitz Animal Shelter


We are half way into the generous Petco Foundation Spay Neuter grant. We are pleased to report that we have spayed or neutered 307 cats in this time span. At least 30 cats were pregnant, so those litters were prevented thus representing at least the potential of another 120 cats. We have another cat spay and neuter clinic scheduled for Saturday August 31 in one of the neighborhood community centers, for which to date 104 cats have been registered. The next clinic to follow is on September 28th and monthly thereafter until we achieve 600 or more sterilizations supported by the TNR grant.

It is getting more and more known that we are holding monthly clinics and people in the community are responding very positively. Our cat trappers are working hard monitoring the maintained colonies for newcomer cats or for births of new kittens.

There is still much more continuous work to do and at the same time I think we are starting to make a dent in controlling and reducing the feral cat population.

Partner: Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary


I want to thank you and Petco from the bottom of my heart for the funds you provide The Magic Bullet Fund.

My dog Buster was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer just recently and I have to say it was a shock. I had no idea how I would be able to afford his treatment! I found The Magic Bullet Fund through a friend and Buster was approved to participate in the fund.

Thank you again so much for the greatest gift ever! I promised Buster I would take care of him forever and ever... I am forever grateful!

Partner: The Magic Bullet Fund


I think it is wonderful that you offer funds to groups so they can improve animal welfare in their communities. As we live in a primarily agricultural state, resources for companion animals are very few. While I know we make a difference, sometimes it doesn't seem like much when you look at the big picture. However, in speaking with a couple clients and Mary (executive director at Iowa Humane Alliance in Cedar Rapids, IA) I've had to revise my opinion of our efforts. The clients have been very appreciative of our assistance in stopping unwanted litters in their homes. Apparently, by funneling our clients to the clinic we are having a far bigger impact than we thought. It is my understanding it would've been very difficult for the clinic had we not received the grant. She mentioned that we have helped keep them afloat during the past several months. While we may have directed the clients and money their way, we could not have done it without the Petco Foundation. We are very appreciative of your consideration, support and opportunities for funding. We look forward to working with you in the future to reduce the number of unwanted animals that are killed in shelters every year. I want to thank everyone involved in your organization. We could not do this without you.

Partner: Animal Resource Foundation