Address Change?

Has your organization had an address change? In order to update our records to reflect your new address, we kindly request that you complete and fax the following 2 forms to us at 858-909-2618:

  1. W-9 (Return page 1 only. Remember to sign.)
  2. Address Change Non-Profit Organization form
Petco Foundation Partners

Support Follow Up

Congratulations on having successfully received support from the Petco Foundation.

We are thrilled that we were able to help and would love to hear your success story.

In order to apply for another grant from the Petco Foundation within a year's time, it is important for you to provide us with a follow-up report after your event or project. The follow-up report questionnaire can be found on line, attached to your approved grant application in the same location as you filed it initially.

After signing in click on “Edit” in the lower right corner to access the questionnaire. We ask that you answer the questions as well as include one high quality photo that portrays the use of the funds provided. Please complete this form and submit it by the due date which is generally 6 months after approval.

Please log in and fill out your follow up.

The following are examples of some of the questions you should be prepared to answer:

  • Project Name - Name of Project or Event
  • How was the donation used? - Briefly, please explain how the donation from the Petco Foundation was used.
  • Approximately how many animals were assisted?
  • Any other pertinent information about the use of the donation that would aid us in determining future gifts to your organization including links to press or photos that might have surrounded your event or project.