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Petco Foundation Pet Cancer Awareness

When a pet gets cancer, it's devastating.

Blue Buffalo, Petco and Petco Foundation are partnering together for the fifth annual Pet Cancer Awareness Month in May to raise money to fight this terrible disease. Our goal is to raise $2 million, and with your help we can do it.

Early Detection Tips

If cancer is detected early it can be treated more effectively, so it’s important to check your pet regularly for the 10 Early Warning Signs as recommended by the Veterinary Cancer Society.

  • Abnormal, persistent swelling
  • Sores that do not heal
  • Loss of weight
  • Loss of appetite
  • Bleeding or discharge from any body opening
  • Offensive odor
  • Difficulty eating or swallowing
  • Hesitation to exercise or loss of stamina
  • Persistent lameness or stiffness
  • Difficulty breathing, urinating or defecating

If your pet has any of these early warning signs, you should take him or her to your veterinarian as soon as possible for a more complete examination. In addition, you should keep your pet away from environmental toxins like lawn fertilizers and surface and rug cleaners that have warning labels relative to children and pets. Many veterinarians see a link between environmental toxins and cancer.

Read the below testimonials and see just a small glimpse of the good that your donations can do.


Tulip is my beautiful dog who was funded by the Magic Bullet Fund. I want to thank you and the Petco Foundation from the bottom of my heart for your very generous and very kind donation towards my dog campaign. God Bless You.

My dog Tulip had a Mast Cell Tumor on her neck and she needed surgery to remove her tumor but the surgery was very expensive and I could not afford it. I was devasted because I love my dog with all of my heart. I heard of the Magic Bullet Fund and applied for help. They accepted my dog to the fund and started a campaign to help with part of the surgery cost.

Tulip had her surgery on April 11th, 2014. The surgery went very well and the surgeons were able to remove the whole tumor and we got some really good news about Tulips Biopsy results. Her cancer tumor was very low risk, and she is now cancer free! No need for Chemotherapy or a second surgery. Thank God, the Petco Foundation and the Magic Bullet Fund for that.

Tulip is 5 and a half years old. She was given to me as a puppy on Christmas day. I call her my Christmas Miracle because she has been a huge Blessing in my life. She is so sweet, so kind and so very smart. She loves everyone.

Partner: Magic Bullet Fund


I am writing to say thank you. My dog Daisy Mae was accepted into the Magic Bullet Fund today and I'm not sure I can ever properly express how much your contribution means to us. I understand that everyone sees their pets as special, but I would like to share with you just how special Daisy really is in the hopes that you will understand that your generosity helps more than just Daisy and our family.

Daisy Mae is a rescue. We adopted her on my birthday in Nov. 2007 from the Escondido Humane Society. I was active duty Navy at the time. She was just over a year old at that time. Mae Mae (one of her nicknames) had this knack for knowing when someone was hurting- whether it was physical pain or emotional turmoil. It took some time for us to notice, but eventually we saw she had a calling. The pivotal moment for us, was with a friend (a disabled veteran) who visited our home regularly. He suffered severe trauma to his spine and would often be forced to lay on the floor and wait for the pain to pass. Daisy always laid with her back to his and would not move until she felt that he was ok. Other friends often remarked how Daisy always knew that they were sad and how she would quietly sit with them and when she left, felt a remarkable difference.

I began researching therapy dogs and Daisy and I became a licensed therapy dog team through Therapy Dogs International. When I was stationed in Washington, DC, we were regular volunteers with the Loch Raven VA facility (a convalescent and hospice facility). Her patients adored her. She always knew just what they needed. She had one patient who just loved to sit next to her- not speaking. One patient always invited her on to his bed (even as big as she is) and laid on her belly. And it wasn't just patients. The mother of one of our daughter's friends came over to drop off her daughter and Daisy sat on her feet and would not move. (This is her signal that something is wrong and I need to figure out what) So I asked this perfect stranger, if she was ok, because my dog seemed to think she was hurting. She burst into tears and ended up sitting on the floor for two hours pouring out her heart while petting Daisy. From that moment on, she would stop by to see Daisy.

Recently, my favorite Aunt lay in a hospital dying. I raced from San Diego to Phoenix with Daisy and my Aunt's last conscious moments were petting Daisy. During the next 48 hours Daisy stayed on duty constantly. Whether we were in my Aunt's hospital room or had stepped out so someone else could visit privately, Daisy provided furry hugs and unconditional love to anyone who approached her.

When my Aunt died, Daisy was at the foot of the bed crying with the rest of us. During her funeral Daisy became so agitated, I was afraid we would be asked to leave. You see, she felt all the pain in the room and was desperate to comfort each person. Afterwards, most of the attendees took a moment to give and receive comfort from Daisy.

From a very personal standpoint, I suffer from PTSD and Daisy never leaves my side when I am having a "moment". In our family, we call her the love machine. Daisy takes hurt into her body and returns it to you as love. When we learned that Daisy had Lymphoma, I couldn't breathe. I became terrified that all the hurt she took from others had caused the cancer. My husband and I decided that for every single life that Daisy has healed, we had to do whatever we could to heal her.

With the help of the Magic Bullet Fund, we can continue fighting for Daisy's life as she has fought for so many. Thank you so very much. Without your generosity I don't know what we would have done. Someday, we will be in a position to pay it forward and we will. Thank you.

Partner: Magic Bullet Fund


How do I put into words what I feel in my heart for your generous gift to the Magic Bullet Fund, which is helping me to help my girl Sadie. She is not "Just a Dog" to me. I love and respect her for the simplicity of who she is and the complexity of what she gives others and myself on a daily basis. And she never wants much in return other than a hug, belly rub, food and perhaps a nice car ride.

She first came to me as a foster dog, even though in my heart, I knew I was going to adopt her. She became a sister to Lucky, my first greyhound. A year later, I fostered another small, fawn colored Greyhound named Kelly and of course I kept her. So then there were three. It was a nice number and I was very content even though every time there was a call for foster families, I so wanted to help out but didn't because I couldn't afford it. Little did I know what was to come.

Last year, my first Greyhound Lucky was diagnosed with bone cancer. The treatments really set me back even though I had some assistance from another wonderful group. Unfortunately, the cancer proved to be too much for my big guy and I had to let him go on May 28th 2013. Two months and one day after Lucky's passing, Sadie was diagnosed with this same monster.

It's sad to say but I knew all too well what needed to be done but the money wasn't and isn't there. Thank God for the Magic Bullet Fund and Petco Foundation for your grant and fund raising opportunities. At times my head is spinning with information related to this disease, appointments, articles and emails regarding Sadie's treatment but she is worth it. Each day I get to spend with her and my other sweet girl, Kelly is a special day and I have you and Magic Bullet Fund to thank for that.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the tip of Sadie's and Kelly's tails. We couldn't do it without you!

Partner: The Magic Bullet Fund


I want to thank you and Petco from the bottom of my heart for the funds you provide The Magic Bullet Fund.

My dog Buster was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer just recently and I have to say it was a shock. I had no idea how I would be able to afford his treatment! I found The Magic Bullet Fund through a friend and Buster was approved to participate in the fund.

Thank you again so much for the greatest gift ever! I promised Buster I would take care of him forever and ever... I am forever grateful!

Partner: The Magic Bullet Fund


I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your company for your generous contribution for the chemo therapy for our most precious family member, our Labrador Retriever, Simon.

He is a loving and happy boy. He loves his peanut butter sandwich every day with his "daddy". Simon, has helped us get through may trials in our life. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 and with a recurrence in 2012. He seemed to always know the days I felt the worst and would give me comfort, looking at me with his big brown eyes seemingly with encouragement and hope. He, now, is fighting for HIS life. My illnesses and my husband's disability from kidney and heard disease, have made us unable to pay for the care that will save his life. The donation from your company, along with the donations we receive from family members and friends, will go a long way to ensuring that he will receive the care he so richly deserves.

Partner: Magic Bullet Fund


We are so appreciative of your generous grant!!! We applied a second time not thinking that we would be accepted or granted a second grant....we are ecstatic!!!

We have helped so many dogs with your money over the past year and we have worked hard and diligently to raise additional monies through fundraising and donations. Canine cancer treatment is so expensive and a single dog with cancer, treatment can run up to $4000-5000 or more! We have learned so much about canine cancer and treatment, and we will continue to learn. Thanks to you and your ongoing support.

With your grant money, we have been able to help over 40 dogs (this past year) and we now can continue our much needed work. Thank you so, so much!!!

Again, from the bottom of our hearts we "thank you"!!!!

Partner: Emma's Foundation for Canine Cancer


I am emailing you to give you my deepest and sincere thanks for contributing to the Magic Bullet Fund. Because of your generosity, they are able to help me pay for my dog's treatment.

Let me tell you a little about her...

Sometimes our angels are in the most unlikely beings. That is how I feel about my Shih Tzu mix, Diva. I got Diva at 8 weeks old, just 6 months after my Father passed away suddenly. I was heart-broken and in a deep depression from his sudden death. When Diva showed up in my life, I had no idea what an impact she would have.

Diva had a very rough start. About a week after I brought her home, she started vomiting and had very bad diarrhea. I took her to vet after vet and no one could figure out what was happening to her. There were times that she was so sick that I had to spoon feed and water her. I almost lost her twice because her immune system had gotten so weak from loss of nutrition. It was like no matter what I did, she never got any better. So, I tried one last veterinarian. He finally diagnosed her with severe food allergies. At first, he had me cook ground turkey and green beans for her and supplement with an all-natural dog food. Eventually I was able to feed her just the all-natural dog food and she has been just perfect until now.

The 2 years that it took to get her diagnosed with food allergies is the time that we bonded so closely. She literally saved my life and I, hers. As I mentioned earlier, I was in a deep depression from the loss of my Father whom I was very close to. One day I had had enough. I just couldn't take the heartache any longer. I was sitting in my room contemplating ending all of the heartache when Diva walked in and just stared at me. She had always been very aware of my emotions but I had no idea how aware. It was right then, in that very second, that I knew if I didn't want to fight for myself, I HAD to fight just because of her. I got off my bed and grabbed her and we cuddled for hours…me crying and her licking my tears away. To this very day when I am sick or upset or anyone else close to her is sick or upset, she will not leave my side or theirs.

Now she has lymphoma. She saved my life and I HAVE to save hers. Every person that she meets comments on what a sweet dog she is. All of her vets have always fallen in love with her. She is on this earth for a reason. She isn't finished yet.

Partner: Magic Bullet Fund


I am emailing you today with overwhelming gratitude. I have been accepted by the Magic Bullet Fund to begin my fundraising. My dog is in chemotherapy for Lymphoma. I am a Veterinary Technician, however, the chemo cannot be completed at my clinic. It must be done at the University of Minnesota, which means that I will pay the full cost. Without you and MBF I would not be able to save my little girl.

Partner: Magic Bullet Fund


I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude to you at Petco Foundation for donating to my Kellie for her Chemo treatment for Lymphoma. Without your generous donation her treatment would not be possible. The mere thought of the alternative breaks my heart. She is special little one we adopted at our local shelter when she was 6 months old, no one wanted her. We took her home and gave her a furever home with our LabX Jake. We will cherish every moment our little one is here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have attached a picture of her and her sweet little smile. God Bless You!

Sincerely, Mary

Partner: Magic Bullet Fund


I would like to take a moment to thank Petco Foundation for their generous donation to the Magic Bullet Fund to aid them in helping dogs like my Lilya get the chemo they need to live. Lilya was diagnosed with multicentric lymphoma on 11/24/12 and began chemo on 12/1, she attained remission status in two weeks and is half way through her protocol. Despite a bump in the road at Christmas she is doing well at this point.

Lilya is a 6 year old Samoyed, she is an ambassador for Minuteman Samoyed Rescue, meeting families and allowing them to experience the joy and beauty of the breed. She is also a companion to another samoyed with cancer, and an elderly male hospice samoyed. She is a joy, a loving and gentle girl.

Thank you so very much for allowing her this opportunity to keep her light shining and the others needing care for a devastating illness.

We thank the Petco Foundation for their special contribution to pets and their owners, Sincerely Denise & Lilya

Partner: Magic Bullet Fund


My name is Rebecca Sutton and my little girl/dog Tinkerbelle has Lymphoma and is being treated with chemotherapy. We are be helped through the Magic Bullet Fund in which you help with grants. We are both so grateful for this help!!! I had no clue how I would pay for her treatment. Now, I have hope that Tinkerbelle will live a long, happy and healthy life. She's the sunshine in all my days!

I'm sure you get plenty of "thank you's", but do you really realize what a wonderful thing it is that you do by helping those who need help with their furry children? I feel so blessed that I found those who could and would help me save my little girl! Between Petco and the Magic Bullet Fund, Tinkerbelle and her Mommy will make it through this ordeal.

May God bless you all for your caring,
Rebecca Sutton - aka Tink's Mom

Partner: Magic Bullet Fund


I am writing today to personally thank you for your 500.00 donation towards the chemo treatment for my dog (baby) Molly. I was devastated to learn that my sweet baby has a very aggressive form of cancer. She has already had surgery to remove the bulk of the disease and the chemo should put her in remission.

I can't tell you what your generosity means to me. I am trying to live on Social Security disability and as you know there is barely enough money to take care of my basic needs let alone expensive treatments for Molly. I have donated in your stores before never thinking that someday I would need donations to help save my beloved companion.

Molly's expenses are going to total over 10,000.00 which might as well be a million in my case. Without people like you and their organizations many innocent animals would suffer and die early. You are a true hero in my book and I cannot thank you enough. Thanks to you and your donation there is light at the end of the tunnel for Molly and I.

Molly is a 9 year old Black Lab who I adopted from the Humane Society. She was horribly beaten and abused before she was rescued and was very shy and fearful of many things including people. I am proud to say she has come such a long way and is a happy well adjusted girl who loves her family dearly and is greatly loved in return. She is the light of my life and has saved me every bit as much as I have saved her. She is on the Magic Bullet Fund's website. Her name is Molly Mullowney and she is on the donate to a dog page if you would like to see her.

Partner: Magic Bullet Fund


We have been through a very difficult time in our lives the last few months. Over two weeks ago our dog Lali had to be put down due to a spinal injury. We exhausted all our financial resources trying to save her and make her comfortable. The week after her passing we took our other dog Cadence in for a routine procedure and received the devastating news that she has cancer of the bladder. The prognosis was grim. We were told she had 4-6 months before we would have to put her down. With the help of our veterinarian and our own research we were able to find a new radiation treatment being offered which would give Cadence a chance at remission. The only downside was the cost for the therapy over $7500.

There are times in life where the words, "Thank you," are so insufficient in their ability to convey the level of gratitude we have for people that reach out to help and do something special for you. Today is one of those days. We cannot say Thank you enough to the Petco Foundation for their generous donation of $500.00 to help us save our baby, Cadence. With your support and the help of the Magic Bullet Foundation we will be able to get Cadence the help she needs to have a chance at life.

Cadence is one of the most beautiful souls we have ever come across. She is the light of our lives. She is the reason we smile every day. She wipes our tears when we cry. She makes us laugh when we are sad. She is the reason why we work hard. She and our other fur babies are our life.

Thank you for making a difference in some many lives. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Partner: Magic Bullet Fund


The Texas Veterinary Cancer Registry (TVCR) would like to extend its sincerest gratitude to Petco and the Petco Foundation for awarding TVCR with the Petco Foundation Grant. We know there are many worthy recipients of the Petco Foundation Grant, so it is with great thanks that we use these funds to help advance veterinary cancer research to new heights.

With these funds, TVCR hopes to expand existing registry technology to incorporate a greater interaction between pet owners and increase data for researchers; these upgrades will be the model to expand the registry nationally, which is our second use for the funds. We will also use the funds to inform pet-owners about the TVCR through traditional and digital media.

Thank you for believing, as much as we do in the difference a big idea, a little bit of technology, and a great deal of passion can do in the lives of pets and people. We hope this new partnership will continue to foster new advancements in veterinary cancer research and, again, we thank you for supporting our worthwhile cause.

Partner: Texas Veterinary Cancer Registry


We are more than honored to receive this most generous grant on behalf of Petco in support of The Kate Fund. We are so incredibly humbled by your trust in our foundation. We feel like our efforts have been acknowledged after 10 years of work to increase awareness about cancer in our four legged friends. The opportunity to be associated with a national organization with a fantastic reputation will have a tremendous impact on our work as well as on the very important research into the causes and treatments of cancer in animals and humans, We will work so hard to give your company the coverage you deserve and will work hard to further your desire to impact cancer research also.

Words simply can not express the deepest and most sincere gratitude for this generous contribution. We hope this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

Partner: The Kate Koogler Canine Cancer Fund, Inc.

The Blue Buffalo Co.

Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo, makers of natural, healthy dog and cat food started the Blue Buffalo Foundation for Cancer Research (B.B.F.C.R.) after their namesake and founding dog-father was diagnosed with pet cancer. The B.B.F.C.R., through the Pet Cancer Awareness Program, was created to help find a cure for the #1 disease-related killer of dogs and cats, as well as provide funds to the families impacted by this terrible disease.

Each year Blue Buffalo and Petco team up and declare May as Pet Cancer Awareness Month to raise money and provide grants to leading institutions studying various ways to detect, treat and cure pet cancer.

The B.B.F.C.R. and Petco are proud to partner with organizations including the Morris Animal Foundation, the Kate Koogler Canine Cancer Fund and the National Canine Cancer Foundation who are on the leading edge of pet cancer research.

And because pet cancer can deeply affect families as well, the B.B.F.C.R. and Petco are funding organizations like The Magic Bullet Fund, the Stymie Canine Cancer Foundation, the Riedel and Cody Fund and Emma's Foundation for Canine Cancer to name a few. These organizations benefit the people affected by pet cancer and help defray the cost of treatment for those who need it most.