Adoption Partners

Petco works with non-profit organizations and municipal agencies to help facilitate the adoption of animals needing forever homes. If your organization would like to hold adoption events at a Petco store or house animals in their in-store adoption habitats, you must become an approved Adoption Partner by completing an online application form.

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Adoption Options
Petco Foundation Partners Together Together

Since 1999, the Petco Foundation has provided over $123 million to more than 8,000 non-profit organizations working to raise the quality of life for pets and the people who love and need them. The Petco Foundation supports many different types of organizations that care for and save animal lives throughout the country. We believe that together we can achieve extraordinary things for the animals that need our help.

Achieve Achieve

As one of the nation’s largest funders of animal welfare causes, the Petco Foundation holds a responsibility and obligation to invest funds wisely in organizations that achieve their mission and vision. Therefore, success, accountability and prudent use of funds are important to our grant analysis and follow-up process. We have an expectation that animal welfare organizations continually endeavor to achieve a high standard of doing more and are determined to save as many lives as possible with our investment.

Inspire Inspire

The inspire philosophy has always been important at the Petco Foundation, as founder, Paul Jolly, always inspired others to take action and do more. Animals with their ability to love unconditionally also inspire us to be better people. We believe that successful organizations can inspire others to join us in our lifesaving work and motivate existing organizations to save more lives everyday. We enjoy partnering and investing in organizations whose positive approach to lifesaving work inspires the best in others.

Lifesaving Lifesaving

We believe that raising the quality of life for pets requires creating lifesaving communities nationwide. We fund organization’s already achieving lifesaving results, under-resourced yet successful organizations that can maximize lifesaving results with our investment and other all supporting organizations working with a determination to succeed in creating lifesaving communities.