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Donate your Car, Boat, Plane...

Did you know you can donate your Car, Boat, RV, Truck, Semi-tractor, Airplane or Motorcycle and Help Save Animals? (

Donate your car

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Recycle Your Cell Phone

Recycle your old cell phone and provide lifesaving vaccinations for homeless pets.

Recycle your cell phone

You're not using it anyway, right?

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Petco Foundation - Rejoicing in the bond between pets and people

Our partners daily know the anguish of staring into the eyes of a pet that they will not be able to help because they do not have the funds, of walking away from an animal who looks at them with such faith and trust, of kissing a cold nose for what they know will be the last sign of affection this animal will receive.

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Our monthly giving program allows us to plan ahead, improving the outcome of our efforts to end the euthanasia of adoptable pets through our foster/adoption, spay/neuter, pet food assistance and public education programs.

Donors committing to a monthly donation of $25 or more will receive:

  • A thank you note and token gift from the Petco Foundation
  • Enrollment in our quarterly newsletter - Foundation Tails

Donors committing to a monthly donation of $100 or more will additionally receive:

  • Recognition on our site with the ability to denote your recognition in honor of pets you've loved, living or deceased (simply note how you would like your recognition to read in the notes section of the PayPal donation page - 50 characters or less e.g. "In honor of Fluffy Smith", "In memory of Scraps McGillicuddy - best dog ever")

We are committed to helping to provide the ongoing funding that lets our caring partners move ahead with the hard work of fostering, rehabilitating, and loving these pets back to life.

With your help, a rescuer or shelter worker will, one day, never again have to walk away from an adoptable pet.