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Holiday Wishes Grant Campaign

$100,000 Grant Winner
Animal Alliance of New Jersey
New Jersey
Hercules: Burned but not broken
Doused in accelerant and set ablaze, this special pup needed a name as big as his will to live to help him pull through.
$50,000 Grant Winners
Angels Among Us Pet Rescue
Devin's Journey
The screams were so loud they could be heard over the construction machinery next door. Jarred by what he heard, a worker shut off his equipment and turned to see where they were coming from.
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Willamette Humane Society
We will say yes
Skin and bones. Thirteen puppies. Dumped at a shelter. Coco deserved a yes.
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$25,000 Grant Winners
Yavapai Humane Society
Ginger the Miracle Kitten
One tiny, injured kitten's spunky personality and will to live inspire a community.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis
Team Shep
When Stray Rescue encountered one of the most tragic abuse cases they'd ever seen, Team Shep was formed to save one special dog's life.
The Animal Welfare Association, Inc.
New Jersey
Out of the Attic
A weak and dehydrated Attie beat the odds and found a loving home.
Brooke’s Legacy Animal Rescue, Inc.
Hansa Rose is home at last
Life as a bait dog is a dark start to any story, but that won't be Hansa Rose's legacy.
Lee County Domestic Animal Services
A chance for Rudy
Abandoned in a sweltering car with an unknown lung condition…things weren’t looking so good for Rudy until fate stepped in.
$10,000 Grant Winners $5,000 Grant Winners
Red Bucket Equine Rescue Red Barn Rabbit Rescue South County Cats
Community Animal Welfare Society Touched by an Animal For Animals, Inc
Green Dogs Unleashed PACA/AAR Friends of the Shelter Dogs
Ghetto Rescue Foundation N.B.S. Animal Rescue Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue
Lenawee Humane Society Angel's Hope Recycled Doggies, Inc
Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue Animal Rescue Volunteers  
Michigan Humane Society Angel of Hope Animal Rescue
Justin Bartlett Foundation Animal Protection Center of Southeastern MA
Treasured Friends Humane Society of Tampa Bay
Animal Care & Control Team Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)