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Adopt Finley and Care for a Real Shelter Dog

When you adopt Finley the plush dog for $50, your donation will provide food, medication,and supplies for a real shelter pet as they wait patiently for a home.

Adopt Finley and Help a Care for a Shelter Pet

Every day in America, a scenario plays out for millions of pets who sit quietly in darkened kennels - waiting.

  • A harried kennel worker fills hundreds of metal bowls with dry kibble from a large bin.

  • A vet tech separates out glucosoamine for the old Dane in kennel 54, pain medication for the puppy with the broken leg in kennel 17, prozac for the stressed out setter in kennel 67, aspirin for the arthritic lab in kennel 2.

  • A new intern goes from kennel to kennel, moving each dog to the back portion of the cell, spraying down the cement floor and walls with an antiseptic spray. Fresh towels are laid down while the old ones are taken up to be thrown in the commercial washing machine in the back room.

  • Three cats may be going "home" this week so their spays are scheduled at the nearby clinic.

  • A volunteer notes that one of the six puppies with their momma in kennel 6 is coughing and needs to be checked by a vet.

  • The dog in kennel 57 has managed to chew off her collar, so a new one is pulled from the shelf and her id tag is affixed.

As the lights flicker on and the doors open for the day, people come in looking for their new family member. Few think about the daily expense of caring for these pets while they sit in the shelter - food, water, cleaning solutions, medication, veterinary care, laundry, collars and leads.

We, at the Petco Foundation know that this is the cost of caring for our nation's orphans, of providing them the most basic of needs as they wait... and wait...

Please help us help them. Adopt Finley and provide care for a shelter pet while they wait for their forever home.