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Petco Foundation - Rejoicing in the bond between pets and people

Petco Foundation Extraordinary Gifts RFP 2012

The submission date has passed. Submissions were due on September 1, 2012. The committee is currently reviewing all proposals.

Petco Foundation Extraordinary Gifts will be awarded for capital projects that exemplify the mission of the Petco Foundation to raise the quality of life for pets and people who love and need them. Potential applicants for consideration should propose capital projects that are creative, enhance connections with their local community and their local Petco and UnLeashed stores (our connection to these stores is the Petco Foundation's major source of funding), employ innovation, provide for brand building for the Foundation and most importantly enhance the lives of animals in alignment with the goals of the Petco Foundation.

Definition - What is a Capital Project?

A Capital Project is a project that helps maintain or improve an organization's existing asset, often called infrastructure. To be included as a Capital Project, it must meet ONE of the following requirements (criteria):

  • It is a new construction, expansion, renovation, or replacement project for an existing facility or facilities. The project must have a total cost of at least $50,000.
- OR -
  • It is a purchase of major equipment (assets) costing $50,000 or more with a useful life of at least 10 years.
- OR -
  • It is a major maintenance or rehabilitation project for existing facilities with a cost of $50,000 or more and an economic life of at least 10 years.

Funding Parameters

The minimum dollar amount of a grant to be awarded through the Extraordinary Gifts program begins at $50,000. Requested amounts should be commensurate with the relationship of the organization to Petco/Petco Foundation.

Eligible Projects

  • All projects must raise the quality of life for pets and people who love and need them.
  • All applicants must either have a developed relationship with at least one Petco store (more than one store is better) or plans must be explained as to how a future relationship will be developed and maintained with a Petco store or stores.
  • There must be clear and contractual explanations and commitments of recognition for the donation.
  • Eligible organizations must be a Petco Foundation Charitable Partner in good standing and have received funding from the Petco Foundation within the last three years.

Project Evaluation

Qualified projects will be considered by the Extraordinary Gifts Committee based upon the following criteria:

  • Alignment with Petco Foundation Mission
  • Capital Project Readiness (if approved the capital project should be ready to be completed by November 2013)
  • Capital Project Scope (how large an area does it affect)
  • Capital Project Benefit (how many animals and the people who love and need them will it ultimately affect)
  • Connection with the Local Community
  • Branding Opportunities for the Petco Foundation

Extraordinary Gifts Schedule

Applications Due
Extraordinary Gifts Committee Review
Extraordinary Gifts Committee Decisions
Board Approval
Successful Applicants notified
September 1
September 17-28
October 26
November 16
November 19

Extraordinary Gifts Application Components

Section I:

Cover Letter (one page limit)
Include the purpose of the Extraordinary Gift request and a brief description of how the request fits with the Petco Foundation's mission and goals.

Section II:

Narrative (four page limit)
  • Organization Background including history with Petco and Petco Foundation. Describe and document previous donations from the Petco Foundation
  • Goals of Project, measurable objectives, action plans
  • Timetable for implementation
  • Explanation of how this project raises the quality of life for pets and people who love and need them.
  • How will completion of this project be defined and measured
  • How will the Petco Foundation be recognized for its gift

Section III:

Financial (two page limit)
  • Organization's latest yearly budget
  • Extraordinary Gift Request budget

Section IV:

  • Please include two letters of recommendation for your project from Petco associates. Please include the Petco store or Petco department in which they work.

Extraordinary Gifts Application Submission

Please submit your proposal electronically to:

You will receive a return email confirming that your materials have been received and that they are complete.

Deadline for submitting is Midnight (PST), Saturday, September 1, 2012.

[ download a pdf of these instructions ]