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Natural Balance Pet Foods has created a new "Buy With Confidence" feature for pet owners to monitor the testing of their pets' food. Screening for Melamine and Cyanuric Acid have been added to the standard testing protocol, which already includes the testing of Aflatoxin and DON (Vomitoxin). Samples have been taken from the date code of each Natural Balance product and have been subjected to the testing protocol.

With the new "Buy With Confidence" service, you are now able to view these test results. When you see your "Best By" code in the results section, you will know that the samples tested from that date code meet the FDA guidelines for the tests listed.

Buy With Confidence

Choose from the Dog or Cat Formulas below, and find the size of the pet food you would like to check. Formula Names are in alphabetical order, smallest size down. Type in the 'Best By' date found on your Natural Balance® product. What's this?