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Petco Adoption Partners
Pico - Adopted June 2006
Become an Approved Adoption Partner

Petco and the Petco Foundation partner with organizations like yours to raise awareness of pet adoptions and help save the lives of homeless animals across the country.

Every day, prospective pet parents come to Petco stores looking for adoptable pets to add to their families. As a Petco Adoption Partner, we would like to welcome you and your organization’s adoptable pets into one or more Petco stores to meet prospective pet parents.

Benefits of Being an Adoption Partner
National Awareness

Petco is committed to raising awareness of our Think Adoption First® philosophy, which encourages people to consider adopting a pet rather than purchasing one. The Think Adoption First philosophy is supported in Petco’s national monthly advertising and in-store events, including Petco’s National Adoption Weekends, which entail prominently promoted adoption events in every store across the country.

Financial and Educational Support

The Petco Foundation and Petco host several cause and fundraising campaigns in Petco stores and online throughout the year that benefit partner organizations throughout the country. Educational workshops and resources are also available for partner organizations. Learn more about annual fundraising events, education resources and apply for Petco Foundation grant programs.

Dedicated Support Team

Your partnership is important to us! If you have any questions about becoming an approved adoption partner, please feel free to contact us at

Charitable Partner vs. Adoption Partner

Charitable Partners are through the Petco Foundation. The Petco Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that supports other IRS designated non-profit, pet-related groups as well as municipal agencies and educational institutions involved in animal welfare causes. A Petco Foundation Charitable Partner is eligible to submit grants for supplies and funding from the Foundation, and to be chosen as a partner by one or more Petco stores during our fundraisers. If you need to apply for a grant please visit

Adoption Partners are through Petco. Petco works with non-profit organizations and municipal agencies to help facilitate the adoption of animals needing forever homes. We welcome them to use our Petco stores as a forum for adoption events or post pictures of adoptable animals.

How to Apply to be an Adoption Partner with Petco

If your organization would like to hold adoption events at a Petco store, you must become an Approved Adoption Partner. Applying is easy! Please complete an online application and be prepared to submit the following documents during the online application process:

- A copy of your organization’s W-9
- One of the following:

  • 501c3 Tax Determination Letter
  • A completed Petco Foundation Application for Government Organizations
  • A completed Petco Foundation Application for Organizations Not Currently Exempt
Apply to Become an Adoption Partner