Holistic Select
Holistic health, longevity and well-being for your pet.
Holistic SelectIt's clear that living with a dog or cat provides measurable health benefits. And while most pet parents are aware that interacting with a dog or cat provides welcome relief from daily stress and anxiety through increased levels of serotonin and dopamine, research indicates that living with a pet can actually lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, ease people out of social isolation or depression and contribute to human aerobic activity.

Today's pet-wise parents can better serve the nutritional needs of their dogs and cats by supplying key dietary elements in recommended amounts-the holistic foundation for your pet's longevity and whole body health. We start with premium proteins, nutrient-rich carbohydrates and healthy fat sources. Below are some examples of our ingredients and how they help create optimum nutrition for your pet.

Fiber. The ideal fiber for your pet's system is one that is moderately fermentable or digestible, promoting adequate stool volume to assure maximum digestibility. Beet pulp - also a prebiotic - is one such ingestible fiber source in Holistic Select® pet food, contributing to the health of the large intestine by encouraging and nourishing the growth of "good" bacteria that inhabit the large intestine.

Prebiotics. Non-digestible oligosaccharides that support the growth of colonies of certain bacteria in the colon; includes derivatives of fructose and glucose, and lead to the growth of bifidobacteria, changing and improving the flora. Inulin, derived from Chicory Root, is a prebiotic included in all Holistic Select dog and cat food recipes as a natural source of soluble fermentable fiber.

Probiotics. Vital to health and the overall efficiency of the digestive system, these live, naturally occurring microorganisms or Direct Fed Microbials (DFM) - known in human food as probiotics must be present in sufficient numbers to be effective. Recent studies have shown that when applied to pet food in guaranteed levels, DFM such as Lactobacillus acidophilus and Enterococcus Faecium support healthy digestion and immune function as they restore balance to the intestinal flora, making it more resistant to bacterial overgrowth of harmful organism.

Kelp. Containing up to 21 amino acids, 12 vitamins and 60 major and trace minerals, kelp offers many benefits to a pet's whole-body function.Holistic Select