Holistic Select
Dogs are good for body, mind and spirit.
It's clear that living with a dog provides measurable health benefits. And while most pet parents are aware that interacting with a dog provides welcome relief from daily stress and anxiety through increased levels of serotonin and dopamine, research indicates that living with a dog can actually lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, ease people out of social isolation or depression and contribute to human aerobic activity.

Holistic Select
Holistic Select
Select Actives
Select Actives™ - Nature's Power Ingredients to Nourish Your Dog's Entire Body

Holistic Select® dog food goes beyond "natural" with the addition of Select Actives™ - enzymes, live micro-organisms (DFM), botanicals and phytonutrients that help activate a higher level of health and wellness for your dog. Our proprietary system of nature's power ingredients include:

SQM Mineral System: Encapsulates important trace minerals to help diminish deterioration and therefore make them bioavailable to your dog's system.

Phytonutrient PowerPack: A synergistic blend of Vitamins A, E, C and Beta Carotene provides powerful antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals for improved cell integrity and overall immune system health.

Omega Health® Fatty Acid Blend: Omega 3: 6 fatty acids blended in ideal ratios to support the immune system function, healthy skin and shiny coat. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) omega fatty acids naturally occurring in mother's milk are added to the Holistic Select puppy recipes at guaranteed levels to help ensure the puppy's proper cognitive and immune system developments.

Direct Fed Microbials (DFM) & Enzymes: Live micro-organism naturally found in the digestive tract that help break down proteins, cellulose and starch for optimum absorption and overall digestive health.

Good health and longevity for your dog starts with great nutrition.