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Cats are good for body, mind and spirit.
It's clear that living with a cat provides measurable health benefits. And while most pet parents are aware that interacting with your cat provides welcome relief from daily stress and anxiety through increased levels of serotonin and dopamine, research indicates that living with a cat can actually lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, ease people out of social isolation or depression and contribute to human aerobic activity.

Avoiding urinary tract issues in cats.

Urinary tract issues are the most frequent reason for veterinary visits for both male and female cats, and is generally due to an increased concentration of excess crystals in the urine. This condition requires immediate medical attention; left unresolved, it can often be life-threatening. To promote urinary tract health in your cat, take the following steps: Encourage increased water consumption:
  • Feed canned food and dried food in combination
  • Install re-circulating water fountains or provide access to multiple water bowls
  • Change bowl locations occasionally as cats will drink from new resources
  • Feed a holistic cat food that encourages an acid urine as the most common crystals have a hard time forming in an acid urine
  • Feed a diet with moderately low levels of magnesium to discourage crystal formation
Holistic Select
Select Actives
Select Actives® - Nature's Power Ingredients to Nourish Your Cat's Entire Body

Holistic Select® cat food goes beyond "natural" with the addition of Select Actives - enzymes, live micro-organisms (DFM), botanicals and phytonutrients that help activate a higher level of health and wellness for your cat. Our proprietary system of nature's power ingredients include:

SQM Mineral System: Encapsulates important trace minerals to help diminish deterioration and therefore make them bioavailable to your cat's system.

Phytonutrient PowerPack: A synergistic blend of Vitamins A, E, C and Beta Carotene provides powerful antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals for improved cell integrity and overall immune system health.

Omega Health® Fatty Acid Blend: Omega 3: 6 fatty acids blended in ideal ratios to support the immune system function, healthy skin and shiny coat.

Direct Fed Microbials (DFM) & Enzymes: Live micro-organism naturally found in the digestive tract that help break down proteins, cellulose and starch for optimum absorption and overall digestive health.

Good health and longevity for your cat starts with great nutrition.