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Merrick's Gourmet Entrees for Dogs and Cats are made in our own facilities, allowing us to give each product the homemade feel you love and the high-quality nutrition your pet deserves. Knowing you're feeding your dog or cat the very best is true "Comfort for the Soul!"
Merrick Gourmet Dry Entrées combine high amounts of real meat with whole grains, fruits and vegetables to create a taste your dog will find hard to resist. All of Merrick's holistic formulas are complete and balanced for any size dog in every stage of life and include additional vitamins, minerals and herbs for a nutritious, highly palatable menu with no corn, wheat or soy.
Additional benefits include premium meals such as turkey meal, chicken meal, salmon meal, pork meal, and lamb meal to provide additional protein, as well as high-quality salmon oil to support healthy skin and coat.
Available in:
Dog: 5 lbs, 15 lbs, and 30 lbs
Our unique line of holistic Can Entrées reads like a five-star restaurant menu. Made with premium ingredients, these meals combine real meats with fresh fruits and healthy vegetables for tastes that no dog can resist. One look at our ingredient panels and you'll see these cans are loaded with nutrition.
Available in:
Dog: 13.2 oz and 5.5 oz | Cat: 5.5 oz and 3.2 oz
All of our Gourmet Dry Entrées start with the same healthy base, making it possible for your dog to enjoy all of our five-star flavors without any of the "issues" associated with switching foods. Our consistent base also provides a great way to avoid developing allergies to specific proteins.