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Find all the best Petco coupons, promotions, deals and discounts in one place. You can conveniently browse all the current online and in-store offers available from Petco.

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$10 off any one bag

Doctors Foster + Smith dog food with promo code: doctors10

Doctors Foster + Smith dog food

$30 eGift Card

Sign up for Repeat Delivery and save up to 20% plus receive a $30 eGift Card

Repeat Delivery

$10 off any one box

Spot Farms dog food with promo code: spotfarms10

Spot Farms dog food

$650 in coupons

Ask a store partner for a New Companion Care Pack.

Welcome to the Family

10% off

select cat litter boxes & pans

cat litter boxes

$5 off any one 4 lbs. bag

Merrick dog or cat food food with promo code: merrick5

Spot Farms dog food