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May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month - Petco Foundation - Blue Buffalo

Join the fight against pet cancer

When a pet gets cancer, it’s devastating. Six million pets will be diagnosed with cancer this year. In fact, pet cancer is the No. 1 disease-related killer of our beloved companions, which is why the Petco Foundation, Blue Buffalo and Petco are fighting back—and we need your support.

3 ways you can join the fight against pet cancer:

  1. Choose your donation amount at the register at any Petco or Unleashed by Petco store.
  2. Purchase any bag of BLUE dog or cat food from May 14 to June 5, and Blue Buffalo will donate $1 toward the fight against pet cancer.*
  3. Donate online today.
*for a total donation of up to $100,000

Where your money goes

When you donate to the Pet Cancer Awareness campaign, you support clinical and university studies researching treatments and a cure. And you fund organizations that help cover treatment costs for families who couldn’t otherwise afford the care.

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Early Detection is Key.

If cancer is detected early it can be treated more effectively, so it's important to check your pet regularly for the 10 Early Warning Signs as recommended by the Veterinary Cancer Society.

  1. Swollen lymph nodes
  2. An enlarging or changing lump
  3. Abdominal distension
  4. Chronic weight loss
  5. Chronic vomiting or diarrhea
  1. Unexplained bleeding
  2. Cough
  3. Lameness
  4. Straining to urinate
  5. Oral odor

If your pet has any of these early warning signs, you should take him or her to your veterinarian as soon as possible for a more complete examination. In addition, you should keep your pet away from environmental toxins like lawn fertilizers and surface and rug cleaners that have warning labels relative to children and pets. Many veterinarians see a link between environmental toxins and cancer.

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