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dog toys

Make every time playtime

Keep your dogs entertained and engaged with the right toy. Whether you've got a chaser, a chewer or a cuddler, you can find a toy that fits your dog perfectly. Think about what kind of play or activities your dog enjoys most. Do they like fetch or puzzles? Tug or treats? Do you want a toy that supports their dental health? Also consider their size, strength and chewing habits. Smaller dogs may enjoy softer, plush toys while big dogs may appreciate a heavy duty toy that holds up to tough use. Always find toys that are appropriate for your dog's age and size. Remember to regularly wash and disinfect toys, replacing them if they are worn or broken.

Toy Type Description
Chew toys
  • Caters to your dog's instinct to chew
  • Supports healthy, positive chewing habits
  • Specially designed for constant chewing
Heavy duty toys
  • Long-lasting for constant use
  • Made with heavy duty materials or reinforced design
  • Variety of shapes and materials available
Interactive games
  • Mentally stimulating puzzles and challenges
  • May have compartments for treats to encourage play
  • Focuses and occupies dogs' attention
Plush toys
  • Soft toys for dogs that want a plush companion
  • Variety of designs and shapes available
  • Not ideal for power chewers
Rope & tug toys
  • Great for games of tug-of-war
  • Made with strong materials such as tough rubber or cotton rope
  • Variety of shapes, sizes and materials available
Stuffing free
  • Plush toys with no filler
  • Avoids the potential mess of stuffing-filled soft toys
Toss & fetch toys
  • Balls, flyers and more
  • Fun to chase, catch and chew
  • Variety of shapes, sizes and materials available
Treat dispensers
  • Adds an extra dimension of appeal to toys
  • Holds treats or pastes to entice dogs
  • Rewards dogs as they play, chew or lick