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dog biscuits & treats

A tasty treat that's good to eat

All kinds of treats are available to reward your furry family member. Some are great for training, for occupying or just for being wonderful every day. Because there are so many kinds of treats, the selection may seem overwhelming. To narrow the field, consider your dog's needs and preferences. Remember: treats should provide only 10% of your dog's daily calorie intake, less if your pet is overweight. Treats should punctuate – not replace – a daily diet of balanced nutrition.

Treat Type Description
  • Hard, baked treat
  • Typically features a grain or meal base
  • Variety of flavors and recipes available
Dental chews
  • Specially designed to support oral health
  • Helps clean teeth and freshen breath
  • Tasty, digestible treats
Fortified treats
  • Fortified with extra nutrients
  • Supports a variety of health or life stage requirements
  • Variety of flavors and recipes available
  • Tasty, chewy and meaty treat
  • Variety of protein sources available
  • Flavor and texture that many dogs enjoy
Meat treats
  • Variety of protein sources available
  • Primary ingredient is real meat
  • May includes other ingredients
Pill pockets
  • Specially designed for feeding dogs medications
  • Pill-holding treats or shapeable paste
  • Variety of flavors available
Stick treats
  • Shape and texture that some dogs love
  • Variety of flavors and recipes available
  • Nutritious and delicious soft treat
  • Can be served ambient, frozen, alone or mixed with dry food
  • Tasty way to deliver essential nutrients
Training treats
  • Perfect for encouraging and rewarding dogs of all ages
  • Great size – won't overfeed pets during training
  • Variety of flavors available to keep dogs interested
Vegetable treats
  • Primarily made with vegetable ingredients instead of meat
  • Tasty, low- or no-meat alternative
  • Always read ingredients list if your dog has a food sensitivity