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dog beds & bedding accessories

Essentials for lounging in comfort

Every dog has a favorite place to cuddle up for a snooze whether it's indoors or outdoors, in a crate or in the middle of your floor. Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes to suit dogs of all kinds. Find the right bed for your dog's preferences, needs and style.

Bedding Type Description
Bolster Beds
  • Features a raised bolster (firm or soft) on one or more sides
  • Ideal for dogs that prefer snuggling up against something
  • Available in a variety of styles and patterns
  • Raised bed supported by sturdy frame
  • Keeps dogs up off the ground
  • Provides under-bed ventilation
Designer Beds
  • Stylish high end dog beds to suit your home's décor
  • Features furniture-inspired prints, materials and designs
  • Available in a variety of styles and patterns
Heated & Cooling Beds
  • Temperature-controlled beds ideal for extra hot or cold climates
  • Heated beds and warming pads plug in to warm your pet
  • Cooling beds are electricity-free
  • Beds designed with hoods or partial covers
  • Provides a covered cozy spot for your pet
  • Caters to your dog's natural instinct to den
Orthopedic Beds
  • Designed to evenly support and comfort your dog's body
  • Avoids putting pressure on any one joint or body part
  • Ideal for injured, recovering or senior dogs
Outdoor Beds
  • Specially designed for use outside as well as inside
  • Weather resistant covers hold up to dew, rain and more
  • Provides your pet with a comfy spot outside
Pads & Mats
  • Low profile and lightweight
  • Helps to comfort your pet during naptime
  • Can be used as a standalone bed or crate mat
Pillow Beds
  • Thick, plush beds made with a pillow-like design
  • Wide surface with no hard sides or bolsters
  • Great for dogs that love to stretch out during naptime
  • Blankets, fills, liners and duvets that can be combined to create a custom bed
  • Available in a variety of styles and patterns
  • Easy to maintain and replace each bedding piece as needed