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cat litter

Cat litter can be made with a variety of materials, each with their own properties and benefits.

Litter Type Description
  • Forms a Scoopable solid mass with moisture contact
  • Good odor control
  • Must be completely replaced at least monthly
  • Highly absorbent upon contact with moisture
  • Absorbs and controls odors
  • Made from absorbent silica gel
  • Made with natural ground corn
  • May be biodegradable
  • Low dust
  • Naturally absorbs moisture and odor
  • Quickly clumps for easy scooping
  • Natural odor and texture that many cats prefer
  • Will not clog plumbing
  • Typically non-clumping
  • Some states encourage the disposal of cat waste in trash and discourage flushing in toilets or disposing in drains — check your state's regulations regarding pet waste disposal
  • Low dust and low tracking
  • Moisture and odor absorbent
  • Made with different materials like walnuts or recycled paper
  • Specially designed for multi-cat households
  • Extra strong and/or longer lasting odor control
  • Reacts quickly to control moisture and odor
  • Naturally moisture absorbent
  • Low dust and low tracking
  • Made with recycled post-consumer materials
  • Natural odor-controlling pine
  • Made with environmentally conscious lumber byproducts
  • Low dust and low tracking
  • Natural odor-eliminating enzymes from wheat
  • Low dust
  • Biodegradable