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Five Creative Ways to Hide Your New Cat's Litter Box

Your new cat is adorable and sweet, but nobody wants to see or smell their litter box. Many pet parents struggle with figuring out where in their home to place their new cat's litter box. You want a location where your cat is comfortable, has privacy and can easily access the box. If your cat does not like the location, they may do their business on the carpet, and many other places where you do not want them to go. You may also desire to have the box out of sight.

With some creativity, you can find a location that works for both you and your cat. Here are three creative solutions for your litter box dilemma.

  1. A laundry room or closet
    Do you have a closet or storage room that you wouldn't mind using for the cat's litter box? For many families, this is the ideal solution. The cat has their privacy, and no one else has to see the litter box. Make sure that it is in a location where the cat can easily get to the room. Consider installing a cat door on the door to the room so your cat has free access to its box. This also prevents dogs from getting into the litter box. You may have considered simply keeping the door open, but this doesn't solve the smell problem, and if the door gets accidentally shut, your cat cannot get to their box.

  2. A litter box that doesn't look like a litter box
    Another idea is using a litter box that looks like something other than a litter box. Many pet parents use covered litter boxes which give your cat privacy and keeps the rest of your house smelling fresh. You can also cut down on cleaning by using a self-cleaning litter box.

    To camouflage the box even more, you can use a litter box housed in a piece of functional furniture such as a nightstand or end table. A unique option found at some pet stores is an artificial plant with a hollowed out pot that has the litter box inside. The furniture or pot has an opening in the back to allow your cat to do their business, but can easily be hidden out of view. You can also make your own camouflaged litter box by cutting a hole in an existing piece of furniture and placing the litter box inside of it. You can even use a wooden planter to recreate the artificial plant litter box. If you put the litter box against a wall, make sure that there is enough space between the furniture and the wall for the cat to walk and turn around. This also makes it easier to remove the box for cleaning.

  3. A spare cabinet
    While many people place the litter box in the bathroom, you still can see and smell the contents. Instead, consider placing the litter box in a low bathroom cabinet and installing a cat door on the cabinet for access. You can also use a cabinet in a laundry room, or another room in your house. Make sure that the cabinet is low enough that the cat can easily get at the cat door and does not have to jump or climb to use the bathroom.