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Turtles come in all sizes and their basic needs vary significantly from species to species.
It's essential that you tailor your shopping list to meet the specific requirements of the turtle you've chosen.

Informative Turtle Books, Nutritious Turtle Food and Turtle Supplies for Healthy Pet Turtles

Adored for their exotic beauty and interesting behavior, turtles make enjoyable pets. As turtles have specific care requirements, there are turtle books available to assist novice turtle caregivers with providing their pet turtles with proper care. As with all pets, it's always best to learn about the particular type of species you have in order to provide him with the turtle food and supplies that's best for him. From various species of aquatic turtles, such as Sliders and Mud Turtles, to terrestrial and semi-aquatic turtles, such as Common Box Turtles, Painted Turtles and Asian Leaf turtles, there is a quite a range of pet turtles and turtle supplies available. Being cold-blooded, turtles require both a heated area and cool area inside their habitats in order to regulate their body heat. This makes turtle supplies, such as basking rocks and heat lamps important. Known to have rather long life spans, some species of pet turtles can live over 50 years. With a good balance of turtle food and care, you can help to give your pet turtle a long and happy life. By learning more about the right turtle maintenance for your specific pet turtle from various turtle books, you can help to promote his health and longevity for many years to come!