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Find snake supplies, heat lamps & everything you need for proper snake care

Snakes come in all sizes and their basic needs vary significantly from species to species.
It's essential that you tailor your shopping list to meet the specific requirements of the snake you've chosen.

Essential Snake Supplies, Substrates and Heat Lamps for Proper Snake Care

Snakes are highly regarded my many people for making for intriguing and fascinating pets. While some species are venomous and can be harmful, there are many other species that are not venomous, and can be easily tamed and socialized. While snake care entails proper handling and knowledge, the requirements of snake maintenance can be easily learned. When given adequate housing and the right snake supplies, snakes can have relatively long life spans, with some species living up to 30 years. As with other reptiles, snakes are cold-blooded and need to bask in the sun or under heat lamps in order to warm their blood and increase their metabolism. After having their fill of warmth, snakes rest in a shady place within their cages that is away from the heat lamps to cool their blood. As each species is unique, it's important that you determine the correct range of cage temperatures that's preferred by your pet snake. Learn more about snake care, including the type of food your snake prefers and the various types of housing he requires, and provide him with snake supplies that will promote his health and vitality for many years to come.