Choosing the Best Cat Litter Boxes
Lucky for you, your kitty likes to clean up after herself. And a litter box gives her a place to do just that. The question is, what is the best kind of litter box you can choose?

The Basics

You want to pick a litter box that's made of durable plastic, so it won't absorb the smell of your pet's waste. If your kitten is small, you may want to choose a box with low, 2 to 3 inch sides. When she's bigger, you'll want a box with 4 inch or higher sides to keep her from spreading litter around as she scratches.

Be sure the box is big enough for your cat to easily turn around or scratch to cover her waste. And don't forget your kitten will grow quite a bit bigger. It should be at least 24 inches long or wide.

Ready to make a choice in style? Consider these options.
Box Type Benefits Disadvantages PETCO Suggestions
Tray Boxes
  • Cost less than other options
  • Easy for your cat to get in and out of
  • Take up less room in your house
  • Give you easy access for scooping
  • Dirty tray box may spread more odor than hooded variety
  • Cat can easily scatter litter over the side
  • Exploring dogs and children have easy access

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Hooded Boxes
  • Keep the litter better contained
  • Help keep unpleasant smells away from you
  • Cat may appreciate the privacy
  • Inaccessible to dogs and children
  • Odors are trapped inside so needs to be cleaned more often than open ones
  • Take up more room
  • May cost more
  • Can be harder to scoop
  • Some cats may have trouble finding a comfortable position squatting under the hood.
  • You may forget to clean the litter box as often because it is not visible

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Self-Cleaning Boxes
  • Automatically sift solid material from the litter and store it in a plastic bag
  • Convenient
  • Worth the price for people who want as little to do with litter as possible
  • Most expensive
  • Some cats may feel skittish about these animated boxes

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Keep in mind, the best rule is one box per cat. And once you find a box that works for your feline friend, stick with it. The less you change her routine, the happier she'll be, and the less likely you'll be to find a smelly surprise somewhere else in the house.