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Rats have been kept as human companion animals for hundreds of years.
Rats are intelligent, extremely social and enjoy human interaction.

Pet Rat Cages, Bedding for Rats, and other Rat Supplies for Happy and Healthy Pet Rats

Intelligent and highly social, rats make fantastic pets. Similar to their hamster relatives, rats are nocturnal and usually sleep during the day while you're at work or school. Rats require proper housing, food, water and other rat supplies in addition to plenty of attention and human interaction. Despite what many people may think, rats are quite clean-they groom themselves constantly and prefer bedding for rats that has been designed to maintain its freshness. While there is a large assortment of bedding available, it's important to choose soft and absorbent bedding for rats that does not consist of any pine or cedar, as these materials can lead to respiratory problems. Due to their innate preference for cleanliness, rats cannot be considered low-maintenance pets as they require their pet rat cages to be cleaned rather frequently. As with many other small animals, rats are curious and have a tendency to chew everything. This is why it is imperative for pet rat cages to be escape-proof and made of sturdy gnaw-resistant materials. Learn more about proper rat care as well as the various rat supplies needed to keep your rats happy and healthy.