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pond supplies

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Tips for clearing algae from your pond

Algae Fix
Algae Fix
  • #1 choice of pond keepers for over 10 years.
  • Powerful, fast acting against all types of algae
  • Safe for live plants and fish
  • Keeps pond water clean and clear
Microbial Algae Clean™
Microbial Algae Clean™
  • First bacterial algaecide registered with the EPA
  • Controls and prevents green water algae
  • Safe for live plans and fish

Keeping your pond healthy and well balanced

  • Quickly clears cloudy water
  • Keeps ponds clear during peak summer months
  • Improves pond filter efficiency
  • Highly concentrated solution of natural barley and peat
  • Naturally clears water and helps naturalize carbon balance to stabilize water quality and maintain clear water

Clarifying your pond water

Pond-Zyme with Barley®
Pond-Zyme with Barley®
  • Heavy duty pond clarifier
  • Breaks down fish waste and algae that cause cloudy water
  • Starts working in minutes
  • 100% natural
  • Bacterial pond clarifier
  • Maintains a healthy ecosystem in your pond
  • Breaks down dead algae
  • Increases oxygen level in pond water

More pond solution tips

  • All natural botanical medication
  • Treats ulcers, open wounds and fin and tail rot
  • Rapidly repairs damaged fins
  • Use when introducing new fish
Pond Salt
Pond Salt
  • All natural fish tonic that replaces electrolytes
  • Helps eliminate the toxic effect of nitrate
  • Does not evaporate
  • Made from evaporated sea water
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Fish Pond Liners, Pond Filters and other Pond Supplies for Your Garden Pond

Garden and fish ponds are not only elegant, but they bring a harmonious charm to your garden and backyard landscaping. Just as aquariums and other aquatic habitats, ponds require regular maintenance through the use of various pond supplies. Items essential to ponds are pond liners that are safe for fish and plant life, as well as water conditioners that neutralize and remove harmful chlorine and chloramines from tap water. In addition, pond filters are necessary in preserving the health and vitality of your pond aquatic life. From waterfall and fountain filters to pressure filters with ultra-violet water clarifiers available, there is an assortment of pond filters to suit almost any type of pond. Just as water conditioners are important in detoxifying tap water to make it suitable for live fish and plants, pond liners are vital in sealing in your pond and preventing erosion. With the proper care, maintenance and pond supplies, you can prolong the beauty of your pond as well as the health of the plants and fish within it.