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Mice are very curious animals that like to burrow, hide in objects and play. They are active during the night and rest during the day.

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Social and highly active, mice are entertaining and interesting pets. Being nocturnal, pet mice are mostly active during the evening and don't mind being left alone while you're out during the day. Requiring food, housing and various other mice supplies, including absorbent bedding and treats, mice are relatively easy to care for. As naturally social creatures, mice tend to thrive when housed with another mouse of the same sex, and do best when housed in mouse cages equipped with a play tube or exercise wheel to keep them occupied. Much like their rat relatives, mice are quite intelligent and can be trained to do various tricks. Given consistent training and a great deal of patience, pet mice can even be trained to come to you on command, eat out of your hand, as well as go straight to their mouse cages on command. As members of the rodent family, mice must be given various items to gnaw on as chewing helps to prevent the overgrowth of their constantly growing incisor teeth. Learn more about proper mouse care along with the mice supplies that are necessary in maintaining their health and well-being.