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Hermit crabs are nocturnal scavengers that will eat almost anything. They were labeled "hermit" because of the shell
they carry on their back that they hide in when sensing danger.

Excellent Hermit Crab Care with the Right Hermit Crab Food and Hermit Crab Accessories

Lively and cute, hermit crabs make for interesting pet companions. Of the various other species of exotic pets around, hermit crabs are fascinating to observe and are generally easy to care for. Proper hermit crab care consists of a spacious habitat, plenty of de-chlorinated water, a soft substrate, extra shells and healthy hermit crab food. With a great deal of patience and consistent practice, some hermit crabs can even be trained to eat directly from your hand. To ensure that your hermit crab receives proper amounts of calcium and carotene, there are various types of hermit crab food available that have been specially formulated for the health of hermit crabs. Despite what their name may imply, they are social and thrive when living in groups of three or more. When housing more than one hermit crab, it's important that there are enough hermit crab accessories, such as extra shells and food and water dishes available to comfortably accommodate each crab. Give your pet hermit crab the very best hermit crab care with a well-maintained hermit crab habitat, occasional baths, nutritionally balanced food and various other hermit crab accessories.