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Guinea pigs are known for making sounds that have different meanings to help communicate. They are also known to "popcorn" or jump in the air when they are happy. Guinea pigs require daily interaction and make great social companion animals.

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Guinea pigs make great pets because they're low maintenance, naturally social and have gentle dispositions. Whether you have a pair of swirly short-haired Abyssians or a pair of silky long-haired Peruvians, there are various guinea pig cages available to house them comfortably. As with all pets, guinea pigs require well-balanced guinea pig food to keep them healthy as well as various guinea pig toys to keep them active. Although guinea pigs do well with other guinea pigs, they may not always thrive if housed with other species of rodents. Of the many guinea pig cages available, it's wise to choose a cage that provides enough room for your guinea pigs to exercise and play. Guinea pigs benefit from feeding on natural grasses, such as timothy hay, as well as guinea pig food specially formulated to address their nutritional needs. Be sure to promote the longevity and health of your guinea pigs by providing them with a well-balanced diet, proper housing, various treats and guinea pig toys to keep him occupied and active.