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Gerbils are social animals with bold and curious personalities that enjoy observing the activity of a busy household.
Gerbils love to burrow and play in tubes and boxes.

Gerbil Supplies, Gerbil Cages and Gerbil Food for Active and Healthy Gerbils

Adorable, playful and extremely entertaining to watch, gerbils are quite popular household pets. Unlike most other rodents, gerbils are not nocturnal, which allows them to play with you and entertain you during the day. Requiring basic gerbil supplies, gerbils are relatively easy to maintain as they are known to acclimate well to average household temperatures. Being social animals, gerbils do well when housed in pairs just as long as their gerbil cages are spacious enough to accommodate more than one gerbil. As gerbils generally have agreeable temperaments, when properly socialized, they enjoy spending time outside of their gerbil cages to play with their pet parents. In addition, they are also known to make great pets for children, as long as adequate adult supervision is provided. Naturally playful, gerbils require a diet consisting of healthy gerbil food blends to provide them with the nutrition and energy they need to remain healthy and active. As an occasional treat given in addition to their gerbil food, gerbils can be given fresh fruit and vegetables, such as apples, carrots and dandelion greens, as long as they are given sparingly. Learn more about proper gerbil maintenance and ensure a happy and healthy life for your pet gerbil by providing him with essential gerbil supplies, a nutritious diet and attention.