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Grooming by petco

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Best in Show Spa Works December 26 - January 27

Posh Paws

Educated and Dedicated Pet Stylists

Grooming Salon Careers
Natural Products, Guaranteed Service

Natural Products

Our holistic approach to grooming
means your dog goes home clean
and healthy. We have tailored
solutions for all your pet’s needs,
and we use natural grooming
products to ensure your dog is
looking, feeling and smelling great.*

Guaranteed Service

Our safe, trustworthy service is guaranteed from the moment we start our 7+ point check-in to those final touches on your furry family member.*

Puppy Powder Spritz

Free Spritz

Get a FREE 2oz. Puppy Powder Spritz when you treat your puppy to our Puppy Works package.

*While supplies last


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*Natural grooming products, toothpaste not included. If you’re not satisfied, we will redo your service for free.
Not available in all locations. Dogs only. Current vaccinations required. While supplies last.


Take a Tour of a Petco Grooming Salon

Watch what happens from start to finish at a typical grooming appointment. With our 7+ point check-in and skin and coat consultation, we’ve got your pet covered from head to tail.


“I love reading our report card after every groom at Petco! If BillyRay is a good boy, we always stop and get him a cookie from their treat bar!”

“I moved to town a few months ago and was in need of a new groomer. I found Katie at Petco in West Bend, and was very impressed. She did such a great job taking care of Bruce that I'll be back for every haircut with Katie.”

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