Mixed Breed Got You Puzzled?
Fill in the Missing Pieces with Doggie DNA. From a recognized leader in canine DNA comes the Canine Heritage™ Breed Test, the first DNA-based test to determine the breed composition of your mixed breed dog.

The Canine Heritage™ Breed Test can genetically identify potential breeds within a pet's composition, providing the pet parent with the following benefits for their four legged companion:
  • Satisfy your curiosity by learning more about your pet's heritage
  • Better understand behavior and personality
  • Infer potential health risks associated with breed
  • Customize medical, diet and exercise programs with your vet
Mixed Breed Got You Puzzled?Simply follow the provided directions, included with the Canine Heritage™ kit. The swabbing procedure is completely non-invasive. No blood, hair or tissue need be extracted. Swabbing is done easily and comfortably by the pet owner, avoiding the trauma and expense of other sampling methods. Place the swab and sample submission form in the pre-paid return mailing envelop and drop in a mail box.

In 4-6 weeks, results will be sent back to you in the form of a frame quality Certificate of DNA Breed Analysis. View sample certificate (PDF). Enhance your Certificate of DNA Breed Analysis with your pet's photo. If you choose to submit a photo of your pet, it will be printed on your certificate at no additional charge. Upload a photo now.

The Canine Heritage™ Breed Test only works for the breeds that have been validated. We offer the Standard Canine Heritage™ Breed Test that identifies over 50 breeds and the Canine Heritage™ XL Breed Test which identifies over 100 breeds.

Both tests can be purchased online and at your local PETCO. If you purchase the testing kit at your local PETCO, a Certified Canine Heritage PETCO Associate can assist you with questions and can even perform the DNA collection for you.

Call us at 1-800-311-0254 if you have questions about the Canine Heritage™
Breed Test.

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photos submitted will be provided to Canine Heritage.