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Ready For a Reptile?
Is a pet reptile right for you? Ask yourself these care, cost and compatibility questions before making the big decision. Should I Get A Reptile? As reptiles outgrow their scary, scaly image, interest and demand for them as pets are growing steadily. Rept...

Climate Control for the Cold-Blooded
Your amphibian will thrive best in an environment that closely resembles its natural habitat. This habitat should provide your pet with the adequate temperature ranges (to digest food and fight disease), the correct light and dark periods (to hunt for foo...

A Reptile's Moving In
Learn how to add a fork-tongued friend to your family.

First Supplies for Your Reptile
Reptiles come in all shapes and sizes, and their basic needs vary significantly from species to species. It's essential that you tailor your shopping list to meet the specific requirements of the reptile you've chosen. Here are items, grouped by category,...

A Reptile In The House
Here are some tips to make the experience with your new reptile a lasting and enjoyable one for both of you.

You Gotta Love These Lizards
As pets, five species of lizards are winning the popularity contest. Snakes may have led the way in herp culture, but lizards have caught up, and there's an inspiring range of choices in species that can be kept at home. If you're new to raising herps, co...

This Dragon Will Slay You
In the old days, before computerized special effects, bearded dragons might have made great dinosaurs in monster movies. With some clever low-angle trick photography, these spiny-faced, scaly-bodied, dragonish herps could pass for the terrifying lizards o...

Slow But Sure
Crunch, crunch, crunch. The sound emanated from the dry carpet of leaves to my left as I ambled through the woods. What caused this careless rustling?

Considering an Iguana as a Pet
Looking to make an iguana a part of your family? You're probably not alone. Green Iguanas can make interesting pets for the responsible person. However, they're demanding and require a set routine and a varied fresh diet. Should you decide to take o...

Crested Gecko - Exotic New Pet
The Gecko was thought to be extinct until 1994 when it was rediscovered. Since the rediscovery this gecko has gained overwhelming popularity all over the world. Petco became the first national chain to support the captive breeding of these interesting r...