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First Playtimes
One of the great joys of bringing home a new cat, especially a young one, is getting to play with her. These times of play are very important for your cat. They help establish her new home as happy and comfortable, creating a bond between you. Playtimes g...

First Feedings
Imagine yourself in your new cat's position: suddenly picked up and relocated to a completely foreign environment, with people smiling at you, talking to you and arguing over who gets to hold you. There are strange smells and unknown surroundings. In fact...

First Supplies for Your Kitten or Cat
Use these checklists to make sure you have the essentials - and the indulgences - for your new pet.

Raising Children and Cats Together
How to make a harmonious home for all your little ones

Are You Ready for Cat Parenthood?
If cats could choose their owners, would you make the cut? Perhaps you love to scratch their ears for hours on end or spend long afternoons petting them while they purr away. That's a good start, but any cat will tell you she needs more than petting and s...

Picking a Litter Box for Your Kitten
Lucky for you, your kitty likes to clean up after herself. And a litter box gives her a place to do just that. The question is what kind of litter box should you choose? The Basics You want to pick a litter box that's made of durable plastic, so it won...

Appropriate Toys for Your Kitten
Choose playthings for your cat's enjoyment and health.

Which Pet is Right for You?
By Margaret V. Root Kustritz, DVM, PhD, DACT Having a new pet is a joyous experience. However, before bringing home a new pet, many decisions need to be made. First you need to decide if a pet is right for you, and then which pet to choose. A great deal...

Are You Ready for the Commitment of a New Pet?
Thinking about getting a new pet? A pet is a commitment for 10-20 years, and the decision to bring one into your home should not be made on the spur of the moment. Adopting a pet for the wrong reasons, or bringing home the wrong type of pet for your lifes...

Choosing Your New Cat
A PETCO Companion Animal Care Sheet developed with and approved by a Qualified Veterinarian Think Adoption First! Petco encourages you to adopt your new cat from a shelter or another reputable animal welfare organization. Purebred cats are often avai...

Cat-Proofing Your Home
A PETCO Companion Animal Care Sheet developed with and approved by a Qualified Veterinarian "Curiosity killed the cat" is not just an old wives' tale. Cats are notorious for getting into small places and getting stuck, or eating odd things and getting s...

Finding the perfect cat toys
Looking for the perfect cat toy that will delight your feline friend? Here’s what to look for.