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Basic Training
Your new guinea pig is adorable, playful and cuddly - just darn cute. She's also chewing on everything in sight - like the antique furniture - and hasn't quite learned where the litter box is kept. Even the most perfect guinea pig comes into your home wit...

Should I Get a Guinea Pig?
Cute, lovable and - mysterious? Yes, for such a small animal, guinea pigs seem to raise quite a few questions. Is a guinea pig a rodent? Where did they come from? And how did they get their name? Guinea pigs, also called cavies after their official genu...

First Supplies for Guinea Pigs
You can provide a healthy, happy environment for your guinea pig with little equipment and a few supplies, but there are some essentials you would do well to have. It's a good idea to have most of them on hand when you first bring your guinea pig home and...