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How to Choose Your Gerbil
The decision to adopt a gerbil, no matter how much you are attracted to this scuttling, little animal, should be made with a mix of impulse and logic and not be a spur of the moment decision. There are several factors you need to consider before you adopt...

Proper Introductions
Preparation for your gerbil's arrival into your life should begin as soon as you make the decision to add these playful creatures to your household. Take the time to do detailed research. Since it's recommended that gerbils be kept in pairs or groups, thi...

Your new gerbil sits in her cage and looks at you expectantly, anxious to roam about - and it's a good idea to let her out on occasion. If you do, however, take some time to safety check your household so that your pet is secure while you're playing toget...

Socializing Your Gerbil
Your gerbil is probably one of the most social pets around. This furry, inquisitive, docile and playful pet will crave the companionship of another gerbil. In fact, in the wild, gerbils live in communities where they play, groom, sleep and cuddle with oth...

Jumpin' Gerbils!
So you're going to get yourself a gerbil? It's very exciting to bring a new pet into the family, but proper planning is essential to the happiness of both owner and pet. Check out our gerbil necessities list before you go out and grab yourself that little...