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First Supplies for Your Ferret
Here is a list of items, grouped by category, that you should purchase for your ferret before you bring him home for the first time. You may add more items as time passes, and you become more familiar with the particular needs of your pet. Housing F...

Should I Get a Ferret?
A curious face looking up at you and a delightfully wiggly, squirmy, bouncing bundle of sinewy muscle and silky fur with the most wonderful, trusting and comic expression - but it's trouble. In short, it's a ferret. Once you see one, you won't soon forget...

Ferret Paw Care
You should check your ferret's paws regularly and clean away any dirt and other foreign objects with a moistened cloth. Clip your ferret's nails every two to three weeks to avoid potential paw problems, damage to floors and furniture, scratches when you...

There's a Ferret in My Stocking!
During the holiday season, festive gift-givers everywhere make plans to present a friend or family member with a new ferret. Although the gift of a new pet can be very fun and exciting, proper planning is essential for the long-term happiness of the recip...

Looking After Your New Ferret
Intelligent and tenacious, ferrets provide oodles of entertainment and companionship to their pet parents. These affectionate explorers have few but essential requirements regarding their habitat, diet, hygiene and activity.