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Should I Get a Dog?
Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the world. They have enjoyed this status for a very long time, probably from the time 10,000 to 15,000 years ago when Stone Age cave dwellers lived and hunted with dogs. If you think you want a dog, you're follow...

Your Financial Situation
Do you mind if your new four-legged family member puts a dent in your nest egg? Even if you pick a free, mixed-breed dog instead of paying for a purebred pup, your new dog will make some substantial demands on your wallet. Here's what you need to know. ...

Matching a Dog to Your Home and Yard
In the best of all possible worlds, you live in a house with a fenced yard. Not every dog, however, needs a picket fence and a large, grassy backyard to be happy. Just keep these issues in mind as you pick your perfect pup. Matching Activity Levels Wi...

Let Your Children Pitch In With Training Your Dog
Caring for your dog is a family affair.

Raising Children and Dogs Together
Your children probably treat your dog like another sibling - they sleep together, play together and even disagree sometimes. But dogs deserve proper handling from all of your family members, so it's your job to teach your children and your dog how to trea...

Choosing Pets Who Can Live Together
There are ways to help your new pet get along with your other furry friends. The last thing you want is your fuzzy "first-born" raking her claws across your new puppy's nose. So do some homework and plan ahead so you have a good idea about how your curren...

Your Puppy’s First Veterinary Visit
Get your pup checked out, and learn some health and behavior basics.

Which Pet is Right for You?
By Margaret V. Root Kustritz, DVM, PhD, DACT Having a new pet is a joyous experience. However, before bringing home a new pet, many decisions need to be made. First you need to decide if a pet is right for you, and then which pet to choose. A great deal...

Are You Ready for the Commitment of a New Pet?
Thinking about getting a new pet? A pet is a commitment for 10-20 years, and the decision to bring one into your home should not be made on the spur of the moment. Adopting a pet for the wrong reasons, or bringing home the wrong type of pet for your lifes...

Your New Puppy
Prepare for your furry new arrival.

Introducing Dogs and Cats
A PETCO Companion Animal Care Sheet developed with and approved by a Qualified Veterinarian Cats and dogs don't have to be mortal enemies. Although a few dogs may never truly be safe around cats, properly introducing your dog and cat will go a long way t...

Introducing Your Dog to a New Baby
As a new parent you’re probably concerned about how your dog is going to react to your new baby. Many people surrender their pets to animal shelters because of exhibited jealousy from their dog after a new baby’s arrival. Yet many families have been succe...

How to choose the right dog for your lifestyle
Are you looking for the perfect dog to match your lifestyle? Follow these tips.

How to Find the Right Pet For Your Family at an Animal Shelter
How do you find the perfect pet for your family when there are literally hundreds from which to choose? Our tip sheet can help.

How to puppy proof your house
Puppies, and dogs, will get into anything and everything. Follow these tips to puppy-proof your house.

How to socialize your puppy
Good dog behavior begins with good training. These tips will help you socialize your dog so he can be on his best behavior.

Three tips for getting a new pet during the holidays
If you are considering getting or giving a new pet for the holidays, check out these recommendations first.