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Adult Diets
Rabbits are herbivores - vegetarian grazers of grasses, greens and grains. This doesn't necessarily simplify providing a good diet for your pets. Remember, proper nutrition is not what your animal will eat, but what he should eat. His main diet should be ...

Keeping Your Rabbit Slim and Healthy
Not unlike humans, rabbits will on occasion overeat, which means that they need to be fed a regulated diet. An obese rabbit is subject to a wide variety of potential health problems that can significantly reduce his life span. Average weight for rabbit...

Obesity in Rabbits
If your pet has lost his svelte figure, he's not alone. Obesity, or excessive body fat accumulation, is one of the most common nutritional diseases of pets. Your veterinarian should be able to determine your pet's optimal weight. The rule of thumb: your ...

Your Rabbit's Eating Habits
Rabbits make great pets, but don't expect your floppy-eared friend to play all day. Unlike dogs and cats, bunnies are crepuscular, which means they're most active during mornings and evenings. This schedule also affects mealtimes. Wild rabbits forage dur...

Appetite Loss
Something's wrong when your rabbit stops munching.