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Special Precautions when Storing Vitamins and Supplements
You need to take precautions when storing vitamins and supplements. These items are often expensive and you will want to maintain their shelf life. As with any medication, they should be kept safely tucked away, out of reach of curious children - and cur...

Special Diets
Certain factors such as illness, allergy or weight-control concerns may make it necessary to put your pet on a special diet. Dietary changes should only be made in consultation with your veterinarian. Determining the complex nutritional needs of your pet ...

Is It OK to Feed My Dog Table Scraps?
Your vet says it and so does every book on caring for your dog: Don't feed your dog table scraps. The dog food you regularly feed your pet should meet nearly all of his dietary needs. But the fact is, it's almost impossible to refuse your dog a treat fro...

Dry Food Versus Canned Food
The biggest nutritional difference between dry food and canned food is, as the names suggest, water content. Canned foods can be up to 70% water, whereas the moisture content of dry food is usually only about 10%. Semi-moist food falls in the middle, with...

Variety in Your Dog's Diet
As long as you feed your dog AAFCO-approved commercial dog food designed to meet the nutritional needs of your dog at his current life stage, you don't need to worry too much about providing a wide variety of foods. At least not for nutritional reasons! T...

Homemade Treats for Your Pooch
Whipping up tasty, healthful treats for your dog is both fun and easy. And while your dog gobbles up your homemade goodies, you'll feel good knowing that there are no additives or hidden ingredients. Plus, if you can find cookie cutters shaped like dog bo...

Details on Doggy Dinners
Learn how to cut out some of the fat and keep your furry friend trim.

Your Dog's Nutritional Needs
Your dog might be happy to eat anything you drop in the dish, from a spoonful of cottage cheese to a serving of primo canned dog food to a scoop of generic kibble from the supermarket. Even if your pet's choosier than that, dogs certainly don't eat with a...

Food Allergies
Pets experience allergies to pollen, flea bites and even food. With a food allergy, the immune system reacts adversely to one or several ingredients in the diet. Some pets become hypersensitive when they develop an abnormally intense reaction to certain i...

Puppy Feeding
Most puppies don't show very good judgment when it comes to eating habits. After all, puppies will eat anything - a chair leg, a piece of string, even your favorite slippers. So it's up to you to make wise decisions about when and how much to feed your pe...

Why Buy Premium Dog Food?
A PETCO Companion Animal Care Sheet developed with and approved by a Qualified Veterinarian

Royal Canin Canine Health Nutrition Yorkshire Terrier 28
The Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie, as it's commonly called, is a small breed dog originally developed in the United Kingdom in the 1800s. Its ancestors are from Scotland and were used to hunt rabbits.

It’s In the Can: Complete & Balanced Grain-Free Meals from Wellness®
Wellness CORE Grain-Free Dog Food and Grain-Free Cat Food cans are ideal for consumers who choose to feed their feline and canine companions a protein-focused diet, free of grains, that is thoughtfully balanced to safely feed every day. Designed to pr...

Feed their instincts with raw nutrition
Raw nutrition is an exciting alternative in feeding your dog or cat a highly palatable meal that provides complete, balanced nutrition. All-natural and made with high-quality meats, fruits and vegetables, raw pet foods are minimally processed so they cont