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Overgrown Tank?
Here's how to tell if a fish has outgrown its tank, and what to do if it has.

Swim Bladder
Most fish, freshwater and saltwater, have a swim bladder, which is filled with gas and helps fish maintain their vertical position in the water. However, in freshwater fish, infection or physical injury to the swim bladder may cause fish to have swimmin...

Scavengers: Natural Aquarium Cleaners
You've been careful to keep your fish tank clean and feed your finny friends small amounts of food on a regular basis, but all of a sudden you realize there's algae growth in your tank. Algae thrive on the food your fish inevitably miss and no filtration ...

Algae Growth
Learn how feeding affects algae growth.

Can Fish Escape?
Can aquarium fish escape? You bet they can. Here are some tips to keep them off dry land. Fish can definitely escape. Murphy's law absolutely guarantees that unless you take the proper precautions, your fish will manage this deadly feat. Tetras, gup...

Reddened or Swollen Gills
Quick action will keep your pal's lifelines open.

Fish Facts
Nature has created over 30,000 species of fish, and with the sophisticated aquarium systems now available, literally hundreds of them can be successfully kept in the home. The art of fish-keeping can be as simple or as complicated as you care to make it -...

Hermit Crab Care Procedures
Congratulations! You've chosen a unique and exotic animal to be your pet. With basic knowledge and care, your land hermit crabs can live for many years. Whatever your reasons for owning them, you will find they are a clean and friendly pet. One of the l...

Party Bowls
As many people have realized, a fish in a bowl can make a great centerpiece for any party, wedding reception or other event. Either as a standalone or as part of a larger piece, fish add beauty, peace and serenity to the table where your guests can enjoy ...

Aquatic Life Acclimation Guide
A PETCO Companion Animal Care Sheet developed with and approved by a Qualified Veterinarian Aquatic life is sensitive to rapid changes in their environment. The water that your aquatic life is packaged in most likely has different levels of pH and sal...