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Treating External Parasites
The most common external parasites you and your rabbit will have to confront are fleas, ticks and ear mites. The first step in battling these pests is for you to groom your rabbit on a regular schedule. This gives you the opportunity to spot parasites bef...

Rabbit Allergies
You probably know that humans can be allergic to rabbits - among other things - but did you know that rabbits can have allergies, too? Whether it's you being allergic to pollen in the spring, or your rabbit allergic to something in her food, you can be su...

The Playful Rabbit
Is playing important for rabbits, and do they need toys? How can I play with my rabbit without harming her? How can I train my rabbit to "play nice"? These are questions common to the new owner of a pet rabbit. Toys and Playtime Play is as essential t...

Types of Play and Exercise for Rabbits
Add a healthy dose of fun to your bunny's day. Just like you, your floppy-eared friend can benefit from an exercise routine. Regular play improves muscle tone, joint flexibility, digestion and cardiovascular fitness. An active lifestyle helps prevent obes...

Tips for Keeping Small Animals Cool
Protect your rabbits, guinea pigs, and other little furballs from summer scorchers.