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Signs of Parasites
Even if you take the best possible care of your guinea pig, he may become an unhappy host to a varied collection of parasites, either internal, external or both. By knowing what to look for, you can help to eradicate most of these pests before they have t...

Nutrition Basics for Guinea Pigs
Guinea pigs are herbivores who will eat just about anything that smells and tastes like a plant. However, this doesn't necessarily simplify your responsibility in providing a proper diet for your pet. Remember that proper nutrition is not what the animal ...

Chutes & Ladders
Regular exercise is extremely important to your guinea pig's health and provides entertainment to fight off boredom. You can provide your guinea pig with a good deal of exercise as well as all-important handling and contact with you by playing with her on...

Evaluating Your Pet's New Vet
Finding the right veterinarian and clinic is critical to your pet's long life and overall health.