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The Healthy Ferret
Ferrets are fun pets that love to get into mischief. Because ferrets are fun to watch and to play with, they are becoming more and more popular as pets. To make sure your ferret is as healthy and happy as possible, here are some helpful ferret facts. E...

A Healthy Ferret Checklist
Learn the physical characteristics that are normal for your ferret to help keep him active, healthy and happy.

Obesity Concerns
Ferrets have two things going for them: They are naturally very active, and they only eat until their caloric requirements are met (they seldom overeat). This combination of traits makes a fat ferret an extremely rare condition. You will note, though, t...

Vaccinations for Your Ferret
To keep your ferret healthy, you need to ensure she is properly vaccinated. All ferrets will need a series of distemper vaccinations and a rabies vaccination. It is recommended that the first vaccination your ferret should receive is a temporary distemper...

Signs of Parasites
Even if you take the best possible care of her, your ferret is likely to become an unhappy host to a varied collection of parasites, either internal, external, or both. By knowing what to look for, you can help to eradicate most of these pests before they...

What Kind of Ferret?
What Kind of Ferret? As you walk into a pet shop or a breeder's display area, it may be hard to tell how many ferrets they have, simply because the ferrets are busy bouncing around, playing tag and generally keeping themselves amused. With their ...

Routine Exams for Ferrets
If your ferret could talk, you would learn a lot about how she feels. Unfortunately, she can't talk and she can't tell you - in fact, like most ferrets, she will probably go to great lengths to hide signs of illness or distress. That's why it is importan...