Allergies to Dogs - Symptoms and Solutions
Identify and alleviate dog allergy symptoms in your home. Allergies to dogs are common and dog shampoos and regular dog grooming can help reduce dog allergy symptoms.

Four Great Dog Exercises
Healthy dogs get plenty of exercise. Find out the top four dog exercises that are fun for you and your canine companion.

Best exercise options for your puppy
Not all activities are safe for puppies. These are the best types of exercise for your puppy and dog.

Four Reasons To Care About Your Dog's Bad Breath
Dog bad breath can be a symptom of more serious illness. Take these steps to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy.

Heartworm Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment
By the time your dog displays heartworm symptoms it may be too late. Find out how to identify heartworm symptoms in your dog and prevent dog heartworm infestation.

Common Signs of Arthritis in Dogs
Identifying arthritis in dogs is crucial. While there is no cure, orthopedic beds, light exercise and anti-inflammatory drugs can ease your dog’s arthritis symptoms.

How to Clean Your Dog's Teeth
Knowing how to brush your dog’s teeth is essential to your dog’s health. Freshen your dog’s breath with regular dental care.

Dog-Proofing Your Backyard
Dog-proofing your backyard can help keep your dog safe from poisons, pesticides and other safety concerns.

Identifying Food and Skin Allergies in Dogs
Identifying allergies in dogs is essential. Seasonal, skin and food allergies in dogs afflict more than 20% of the canine population.

Diagnosing lumps under your dog's skin
Lumps under your dog’s skin are common, and, in most cases, are no cause for concern. Here’s how to identify the 8 common types of lumps, bumps and growths in dogs.

Impacted Anal Glands in Dogs: Symptoms and Solutions
Dog scooting may be the first sign of impacted anal glands. Know the symptoms and treatment solutions for impacted anal glands.

Safe Indoor Activities For Your Dog
These indoor activities will keep your dog busy when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Starting an Exercise Routine With Your Dog
All dogs need a regular exercise routine. Dog workouts can help alleviate boredom behaviors like chewing, barking and digging.

Dog flea prevention and treatment
Dog fleas are a nuisance and a health hazard for your pet. Dog flea prevention is essential to keep fleas under control.

Dog parasite symptoms and treatments
Tapeworms, giardia, coccidian and cryptosporidium are just some of the internal parasites that can afflict your dog. Most are managed with early diagnosis and treatment.

Fat dog? Dog weight causes and solutions
Fat dogs are more prone to health issues like diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. Putting your dog on a weight loss program can benefit his health and heart.

Five facts about ticks
Ticks can cause diseases in dogs and cats. Find out more about these problematic parasites and how to prevent ticks from feasting on your dog.

Three Tips to Help Your Dog Maintain a Healthy Coat and Skin
A healthy dog has a lustrous, shiny coat. Follow these three tips to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy.

Your Puppy's Vaccination Schedule
Follow our puppy vaccination schedule to ward off common canine diseases and keep your puppy healthy.

Professional Dog Teeth Cleaning 101: What to Expect at the Vet
Having your dog’s teeth cleaned? Find out what to expect (in addition to relief from bad dog breath)

Eliminating Dog Fleas and Ticks From Your Home
Get rid of dog fleas by treating your dog and your home. Wash bedding, spray the perimeter of your home with flea spray, and follow these tips.

Top Ten Tips For Getting Rid of Dog Breath
Discover how to improve your dog’s bad breath with these self-help tips and easy to use dental care products.