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A Running Start Toward Health
With all the paths you can take, it's easy to dig up an exercise plan to suit your dog.

A Health Checklist
Regularly going through a health checklist will help you pick up on early signs of sickness in your dog.

Evaluating Your Pet's New Vet
Finding the right veterinarian and clinic is critical to your pet's long life and overall health.

Annual Examinations
An annual checkup provides a great opportunity to ask your veterinarian questions about your dog's health.

Ear Scratching or Head Shaking
Your pet can't tell you that his ear is itchy, but he'll let you know by shaking his head or scratching at his ears. Then it's up to you and your veterinarian to figure out the cause and what to do about it. Causes What's behind that annoying tickle in ...

Look into why your active dog seems so sluggish lately.

Arthritis If your dog is acting lethargic, he may have a joint problem. Arthritis, which literally means inflamed joints, is an umbrella term for many forms of joint disease. Imagine a machine with well-oiled parts working smoothly, all valves pumpi...

Bladder Stones
Bladder Stones The ins and outs of how to care for a dog suffering from stones. A bladder stone, or urolith, develops when mineral salts in urine combine and harden. Most stones occur in the bladder and urethra, but occasionally stones form in the k...

Dental Disease
Can't bear to face another day of dog breath? Don't despair. Dental disease, one of the most common and potentially harmful health problems for dogs, is also easily avoided. What causes that special smell? Plaque buildup along the gum line gradually leads...

Ear Mite Infestation
Ear mites are tiny, crablike parasites that live in the dark recesses of your pet's ear canals. These little critters are barely visible to the human eye, but they can cause a big itch with all their scurrying around. These bugs don't always stay in the e...

Exercise Requirements for Older Dogs
Just like you, your four-legged friend can benefit from an exercise routine. Regular exercise improves muscle tone, joint flexibility, digestion and cardiovascular fitness. Exercise also helps prevent obesity, which has been linked to numerous health prob...

Additional Testing for Older Dogs
Keeping close tabs on your geriatric dogs health problems can prolong his life.

Exercise for Puppies
Learn a few tips on how to make exercise fun for you and your dog.

Heartworm Protection for Puppies
Guard your pets most precious organ from invasion. Its hard to fathom how worms can live inside your puppys beating heart, but they can, and if your pet gets infected they could severely damage her heart and lungs. Heartworms spread by traveling in...

Your Puppy’s Vaccinations
Your Puppy's Vaccinations Make sure you're up on all the shots your pup needs. Immunizations keep puppies healthy just as they do babies. And while the thought of getting a shot yourself may make you weak in the knees, most puppies don't mind a bit....

Abdominal Enlargement
There may be more to your pets bloated belly than proof of too many treats and table scraps.

Appetite Loss
Here's guidance on determining whether your pet is feeling ornery or out of sorts if she's not eating.

Healthy dogs pant after rigorous exercise or if they're outside on a warm day. After all, that's how they eliminate excess body heat. Some dogs pant when they're nervous - during the dubious car ride to the veterinarian's office, or when there's a booming...

Vaccines Save Pets Lives
There are many serious and often life-threatening diseases that your pet can be protected from by simply vaccinating, deworming and giving heartworm preventative. The following information will help you choose an yearly immunization program to keep your p...

Vaccination Services: Minimum Age Requirements
Potential Side Effects From Vaccination Include: Depression may occur for the first 24 hours following vaccination. If this persists after 24 hours, call your local veterinarian. Vomiting and/or Diarrhea may occur following vaccines but should not persi...

Quality of Life
When our pets are young and brand new to us, it's easy to remember to visit the vet on a regular basis. However, as time passes, many pet owners don't realize or remember the importance of regular veterinary care. Without regular visits, your pet's health...

Facts About Mosquitoes
Appearance Mosquitoes are small, about 1/8" to 1/4" long, insects with a brown or dark brown body striped down center. They are usually round and suck the blood of animals and humans. Life Cycle Mosquitoes go through four life stages: egg, larvae, nymph a...

Facts About Fleas
Appearance Small (1/12 - 1/16" long) dark, reddish-brown, wingless, blood-sucking insects. Hard, flattened bodies covered with short spines and long legs adapted for jumping. Life Cycle 4 stages: egg larva pupa biting adult W...

Recognizing Health Issues
A Petco Companion Animal Care Sheet developed with and approved by a Qualified Veterinarian Recognizing signs of health issues early can go a long way toward preventing a mild problem from becoming a serious one. When in doubt, call your vet. They can he...

Petco and Antibiotics
At Petco, animals come first and we believe that diagnosing and treating animals is serious business!

Separation Anxiety in Dogs: Signs and Solutions
Separation anxiety does not go away on its own. There are dog training exercises and solutions which may help alleviate your dog’s stress. If your dog exhibits severe anxiety behaviors, contact a veterinarian board certified in animal behavior.

Allergies to Dogs - Symptoms and Solutions
Identify and alleviate dog allergy symptoms in your home. Allergies to dogs are common and dog shampoos and regular dog grooming can help reduce dog allergy symptoms.

Four Great Dog Exercises
Healthy dogs get plenty of exercise. Find out the top four dog exercises that are fun for you and your canine companion.

Best exercise options for your puppy
Not all activities are safe for puppies. These are the best types of exercise for your puppy and dog.

Four Reasons To Care About Your Dog's Bad Breath
Dog bad breath can be a symptom of more serious illness. Take these steps to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy.

Heartworm Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment
By the time your dog displays heartworm symptoms it may be too late. Find out how to identify heartworm symptoms in your dog and prevent dog heartworm infestation.

Common Signs of Arthritis in Dogs
Identifying arthritis in dogs is crucial. While there is no cure, orthopedic beds, light exercise and anti-inflammatory drugs can ease your dog’s arthritis symptoms.

How to Clean Your Dog's Teeth
Knowing how to brush your dog’s teeth is essential to your dog’s health. Freshen your dog’s breath with regular dental care.

Creating a safe outdoor environment for your dog
Taking the time to dog-proof your backyard can help keep your dog safe from poisons, pesticides and other safety concerns.

Identifying Food and Skin Allergies in Dogs
Identifying allergies in dogs is essential. Seasonal, skin and food allergies in dogs afflict more than 20% of the canine population.

Diagnosing lumps under your dog's skin
Lumps under your dog’s skin are common, and, in most cases, are no cause for concern. Here’s how to identify the 8 common types of lumps, bumps and growths in dogs.

Impacted Anal Glands in Dogs: Symptoms and Solutions
Dog scooting may be the first sign of impacted anal glands. Know the symptoms and treatment solutions for impacted anal glands.

Safe Indoor Activities For Your Dog
These indoor activities will keep your dog busy when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Starting an Exercise Routine With Your Dog
All dogs need a regular exercise routine. Dog workouts can help alleviate boredom behaviors like chewing, barking and digging.

Dog flea prevention and treatment
Dog fleas are a nuisance and a health hazard for your pet. Dog flea prevention is essential to keep fleas under control.

Dog parasite symptoms and treatments
Tapeworms, giardia, coccidian and cryptosporidium are just some of the internal parasites that can afflict your dog. Most are managed with early diagnosis and treatment.

Fat dog? Dog weight causes and solutions
Fat dogs are more prone to health issues like diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. Putting your dog on a weight loss program can benefit his health and heart.

Five facts about ticks
Ticks can cause diseases in dogs and cats. Find out more about these problematic parasites and how to prevent ticks from feasting on your dog.

Three Tips to Help Your Dog Maintain a Healthy Coat and Skin
A healthy dog has a lustrous, shiny coat. Follow these three tips to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy.

Your Puppy's Vaccination Schedule
Follow our puppy vaccination schedule to ward off common canine diseases and keep your puppy healthy.