While cleaning out your pond this spring, you may find that you have more algae growing as compared to last pond season. Many factors contribute to the growth of algae. First, identify why you are seeing more algae, and then you will find it easier to manage the problem throughout the pond season.

Algae thrive on sunlight and nutrients. Before your aquatic plants have a chance to grow, algae may be a challenge for you. To manage the growing problem of algae, be sure that your pump circulates at least 100% of the pond's volume to the filter every hour. More circulation is better. Also, using an EPA registered algae treatment will keep the water clear of green water algae and unsightly string algae.

Another way to ward off green water algae is to use a UV Clarifier. UV Clarifiers combat green water by exposing suspended single-celled algae to ultraviolet light, which destroys its reproductive ability.

Try these simple steps as soon as possible. Soon, you will stop seeing green and start seeing the beauty of your water garden instead!