It's been a colder than usual winter season across the nation and with spring approaching, I'm dreaming of ways I can make my pond even better this year. Now is a great time, while thinking of summer plantings and vegetable gardens, to get out some paper and start thinking of additions to the pond.

Jot down a list of ideas. Perhaps you've seen something in a magazine, at a friend's pond, or you just happen have that creative urge; sketch it out and make a list of materials you'll need. This year I'm thinking of adding another waterfall. I've been kicking around some leftover liner in the garage from the original install and one day I thought, aha, I can use this to make a waterfall! I love the sight and sound of the water splashing into the pond via a stream from the header pond. The fish love it, too. They like swimming under the waterfall like we as kids loved running through a sprinkler. If you're thinking of adding your first waterfall, you can find some helpful construction advice at

Another creative idea: add a spitter. I installed one last summer and it adds another dimension of sight and sound. One word of advice, if you have a large pond, buy a pump with a higher GPH if you want the stream of water to reach farther into the pond.

A fountain is great for additional sound as well as aeration. This puts more dissolved oxygen into the water, which is quite beneficial to your fish, especially in the summer months. During hot summer nights, the water's oxygen levels tend to drop, so the more you agitate the water the more oxygen you're putting back in. So get out that pen and pad and let your imagination flow…