For most of us, May is a beautiful time of the year. However, for your pond fish, May can be a time of instability as temperatures are still unpredictable. Your fish are still working to stabilize their body temperature as they come out of their winter hibernation. There are four ways you can help your fish swim through to warmer days:
  1. Observe your fish more often in the spring. A healthy fish is active, bright and has outstretched fins.
  2. Test the pond water. Ammonia and nitrite are the key risk areas, but pH should also be monitored.
  3. Keep an eye on your pond filter. Be sure it is free of debris and operating properly.
  4. Feed a quality food to your fish to maintain their energy levels. Feed according to the activity levels of your fish, offering only as much as they can eat in a few minutes at a time.
Remember, seasonal feeding is based on water temperature, not atmospheric temperature. When your pond's water temperature is 39°F - 50°F, you can re-introduce your fish to a wheat germ-based food. Once water temperatures rise above 50°F, you can start feeding a maintenance, growth or color-enhancing food one to three times each day.

As you plan your summer vacation, don't forget your pond fish and their needs while you are out of town. There are slow-released vacation foods available to feed your pond fish for up to seven days!