Winter is the perfect time to plan your pond enhancements for next year. While the pond does not require much care or attention, you can daydream about what you'd like to add next year. The best place to start is our Pond Gallery. There you'll find many ideas from your peers and all of the winners from our monthly Beauty and the Best contest.

Whether you are looking to add a stream, waterfall, header pond or increase the size of your pond, winter is the best time to plan. Determine what equipment you will need (maybe a bigger pump or an additional pump depending on the project) and then do some research at

Be sure to check with your local pond retailer to get their input and suggestions. They are experts as to what works best in your region, from fish to plants. And don't forget, ask your other pondkeeper friends for advice, too. Take pictures and notes of how your pond looks now, so you can remember what it looks like in a few months (especially if it will soon be covered in snow!). Take pictures all winter long to remember what the pond looked like as the seasons changed. Take time to plan ahead, so when spring comes, you can enter pond season with all of the tools you need for success!