Like most pondkeepers, you probably spent some time this winter dreaming about warmer days by your pond watching your fish enjoy their ecosystem. Don't let cloudy, green water get in the way of your enjoyment this pond season. There are a few simple ways to help your pond water stay clear and healthy:
  • Filtration is critical to maintaining water quality. Filters must be kept clean to ensure it does not stagnate and prevent the nitrifying bacteria from converting ammonia and nitrite into nitrates. Poorly maintained filters will quickly deprive the biological media of oxygen, leading to a build up of dissolved waste (nitrite is particularly likely to rise). Regular cleaning of mechanical filter media is recommended.
  • What you feed your fish directly impacts filtration and the quality of the water. It is important to recognize that a source of waste in a pond is the food being used. The digestibility of a diet depends on the quality of ingredients and manufacturing processes used to make it. If a diet is not well digested, not only will the fish receive less nutrition but greater amounts of solid waste will be produced.
  • Use a UV clarifier. Suspended, microscopic algae are so tiny that they pass through even the finest filter. To combat this potential problem, add a UV clarifier which uses ultraviolet light to destroy the reproductive ability of algae. The dead algae then clump together in particles large enough to be removed by the mechanical filter. Be sure to change your UV clarifier bulb after every 12 months of use, usually in the spring (if using the UV only 5 to 6 months a year, replace bulb every two years).
  • Control string algae and green water by using an algae water treatment. Some algae water treatments can be very effective at combating green water, string algae and blanket weed. Check with your water garden experts at Petco for details.